(SSF2X) ryu best man strat


This is strat for best man…

RYU.:cool: I get man pm how play good ryu? I say rock it!!! to bad only n00b so i must explain. happens which will in this thread of fucker!!!

ryu fighitng place is place of japan. he hasnt left home to hunt big game yet. Its night time he was just packing bag. RUDELY enterrupted he is!!! Now must kick ass. music of rock starts and ass is fucked!!!

Hmm let go over few diff from new and old ryu.

wait in case you are n00b to pick old ryu jab 6X3 4X1 jab pressing.
Old ryu get old costume. Gi is white with red bandana…color of blood from bloody battles!!!

Little history fact? know you that ryu went hunting big game as youngster and rock sagat with shoryuken??? that why he have scar!!! :cool: ryu so cool. he is my hero. fucking and rocking.

Tatsimaki senpuu kyaku…
ryu wipps his leg and at shout from mouth with great speech says “I FUCKED IT REAL GOOD!” weather or not this is hidden message is of no matter. This go through sonic boom from guile. Also very good when tiger knee. or to explain to n00b fucker!!! i do tatsimaki off ground and make go fast.

One thing note with ryu, he not able to just tiger knee manuver. Must do manuel!!! Most usefull if used go foward!!! press 6/9 214+kick. Must do very fast though.

This is very strong!! move ryu great long distance quicly!!! Also usefull if being zone fireballs. Go over them!!! Also strong with cross up!!! do at right distance cross up shoryuken or throw!!!

that end??? dum fucker n00b!! hell no!!!

it also strong as early anti air!!!

differnce with old ryu is ground tatsimaki go one less rotation of roundhouse version. Might trick or fool. Not likely though.

ryu shoot energy from hand??? n00b plz course he can. IIRC i belive red fireball have bigger sheild on start then blue. Red fireball can be used punish pokes!!!

fireball slighty faster/better recovery/quicker release. Only sight but enough notice. Some things may be able to tell say T.Hawk go for flying fuck hawk. You block then old ryu in some cases can reversal hadoken to punish!!! burn!!! that what i say fucker!!!

it main counter move. attack has fucker? i shoryuken!!! plz n00b this so obvious lucky i dun rock you.

shoryuken invicnable. fun thing do is pick 2 old ryu then do both shoryuken at same time. What happen? NOTHING N00B!!!. that why is comedy. Ryu is best man.

old ryu also have diff standing roundhouse on early frame you can cancle to speical!!! :eek: So say i fucking fei then i cross up roundhouse to 2+strong stand roundhouse then 236+fierce!!!

also nother thing may do as anti air option you can do roundhouse then cancle slow hadoken. Or maybe short hurricane kick to gain distance!!!

imho though standing roundhouse not good anti air though. If you use normal stand i use short! :cool:

I be back later with more strat!!!

n00b i see you pee your pants from mad mind game fuck i already giving. Once you see more part you get rocked up ass with no penis. :cool:


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you are the best ryu player in SF , correct? seems as you are…




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watson balrog rock ryu ass.


Yes i am best ever!!!1

however make mistake have i. In roundhouse earlier on fei!! i mean ducking strong not ducking foward!!!:eek:



Hmm these are patterns that are usable in matchs. If i write “*” this will have info at bottom of page help n00b understand more!!! Also some pattern may only be availabe with new ryu so use judgement!!!

or, sigh oh well i probably tell you later. Cuz i am so nice!!! Most likely when something have 6+fierce/strong that mean only with new ryu. Use common judgment!!!

OLD RYU PATTERNS,(mix up with some new ryu tactic. Color red for new ryu)

-----1aa) 214+short
-----1ab) 236+feirce
–1b)2+ roundhouse
–1c)2+short , roundhouse
-----1ca)236+jab or feirce*
----------1cba) 2+foward 236+fierce
----1bc) if hit***
------1da)2+foward 236+fierce

be back in little time!!!



-----------1aaa)tiger knee tatsimaki senpuu kyaku foward****
-----------1baa) throw
----------1bca)236+jab or fierce*
----------------1bcba)2+foward 236+fierce
------------------------1bcbb)2+foward 236+fierce
----------1bcc)if hit***
–1c)stand fierce 236+fierce 214+short 236X2+p

be back more short time!!!


--------1aa)if hit***
---------------1aba) throw
—1b)2+foward 236+fierce

I put this here. Now see have you that i say jab and fierce. Reason i say this is because at distance you are have many option. In most all cases you use fierce hadoken. But if vs hoppy character like chun-li barlog(or vega for you american n00b!!!) or blanka fucker you do jab hadoken for mind game fuck!!! what happen is you try to bait them to jump over slow fireball. comedy is this. Now you expect this now you anti air!!! You can use shoryuken, standing short, or if new ryu perhaps even jump strong!!:eek:

One more thing also you could use tiger knee foward tatstimaki senpuu kyaku. 2 things happen here. If they jump they get hit cuz tatsimaki senpuu kyaku will anti air them!!! Or if not move this is usefull cuz it move you great distance. You will land in front of them then throw them or if you think they will atttack shoryuken there ass. Rock them good!

This super!!! ONly for new ryu of course. plz n00b. So dum i really am gonna rock your ass if you keep thinking dum thing. :rolleyes: Anyway what happen here is this is good spot many times in these places opponent may attack you!!! COMEDY!!! Ryu is to smart he know before hand. Also even if is blocked. After ryu shoot shinkuu hadoken he can attack more! hopefully you knew this. So even if they block they take much chipp damage. You can gather almost another 50% meter after so almost all super is back anyway.

Now this is for new ryu mostly. Ok now what happen is after sweep you want to cancle to 214+short then when land 6+fierce then quckily standing roundhouse to 2+mk 236+fierce!!!

This huge poke string. Must watch for reversal!!! but this is very good!!! What happen is after sweep you cancle tatsimaki senpuu kyaku it move you just a bit foward then you land then you do rushing ferice it move you right next opponent then you hit standiing roundhouse!!! Standing roundhouse most be done quick it become meaty attack it hit twice but it doesnt push you far away enough so you can still combo after it!!!

here example…

cross up roundhouse
–1a)ducking roundhouse
------------1aaa) 6+feirce
-------------------1aaaa) standing roundhouse
----------------------------1aaaaa)2+foward 236+fierce

much attacks in short time!!!

This good stuff do after sweep keep presure on force opponent to reversal get out of!!!:eek:

this only little example but after this part in poke string do tiger knee tatsimaki senpuu kyaku foward you will cross them up then throw or shoryuken on other side!!!

ryu best man! PERIOD IT!!!

not done yet more come later!!!


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