SSF2X (Super Turbo) at Singapore's Bugis Junction?!


Just came into Singapore from Los Angeles this week, and the scene at Virtualand (Bugis Junction) is pretty awesome!!! Adrian and Joseph, two strong regulars at Bugis, were very welcoming and nice! I hope there are more players out there that will see this and start coming!

There are 4 or 5 Japanese head-to-head cabinets with really nice hardware, and there are frequent deals on card credits that make losing 50 straight games less of a drag.

Friday nights (after 7pm) seem to be the best for getting strong competition, but Joseph and Adrian are there regularly throughout the week. If you guys are reading this, sorry for not being able to stay last night; I wanted to make sure that my girlfriend and I got to go to Expo at least once in case I get deported or something, lol.

Post up if you’re in the area and looking for some action!!!