Has anyone here played on the 3ds and notice that they really suck on either the 3ds version/console or are really good on 3ds version/console.

I started playing SSF4 on the 3ds before the PS3. I’ve had it for about a week and I hover around 2000-2500pp. My highest win streak on the 3ds is 17.

I figured I was doing pretty well so I ordered SSF4 AE for PS3 along with a SF4 TE Fight Stick only to notice 200 ranked matches in that I can’t get past 200pp with the same characters and everything.

I know that a fight stick and analog on the 3ds are different. But I spent more hours training with this fight stick in training/trials mode and got the execution of my moves and combos down pat with the square gate stick so they match exactly what I do on the 3ds.

Is it just that the 3ds version online hosts more players who suck and the console versions host more hardened veterans? It’s a bit depressing but at least I can have some fun and success on the handheld after hours after hours of fail on the console.

3ds has no charge time and moves that you can map to buttons and combos that are impossible.

That’s only in lite mode though. If you use ‘pro’ control scheme it’s back to the charge times and everything. I guess it’s the combo thing that makes it easier since not everyone can do crazy combos.