SSF4 AE $10 on steam right now, only lasts 7 more hours


Heads up


Omg bought it on 13.4 dollars 3 days ago for gfwl. I play with steam people too? Or matchmaking is different for gfwl and steam?

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Matchmaking is the same due to the fact that the steam version still uses GFWL anyway.


Are the costumes in the complete costume pack for SSF4:AE equivalent to the Super or the Ultra costume DLC on consoles? (or both?)


Complete pack is complete. every single costume in the game.




Anybody trying get in on those extra savings with the four pack?


Btw, I already bought this on Steam, but i just bought the all in 1 costume pack and its not installing automatically? It shows up in the game properties>DLC, but just isnt installing? Anyone had same issue?

EDIT: Its ok, seems it was ‘on disk’ type DLC that was already part of the game…


now grinding is going to beginn!

Costume pack on Windows live costs the same as the Steam version together with costume pack. Worth buying. When SFxTekken drops price next year with the DLC, I guess I’ll buy the Steam version too.


Bought it!!


Did anyone by any chance buy the 4-pack on STEAM? Each copy comes out to $7.50 if so since it was $29.99. Please PM me and have a spare key!!


Yea no worries, all PC players can play each other, same with SFxT PC.