SSF4 AE 2012 DLC Questions?


Okay, I’m a newbie at this stuff. I never have bought a DLC, so this is my first time.

First Question:
All the DLC’s description says at the end, “only compatible for Super Streetfighter IV.” Does this mean I can’t use it for the Arcade edition? I can’t remember anyone ever using one of these DLCs. Does this mean it’s only for SSF4 and not AE (2012)?

**Second Question: **
I want to buy the “Ultra Challengers Pack” so I can get the alternate costumes for Dudley, and Makoto. However, I browsed the marketplace a little more, and I saw an identical one saw the “Super Challengers Pack.” Which one and I supposed to pick? I’m trying my best here to not waste my money.

Third Question:
What is the “FREE Super Street Fighter 4 Ultra Costume Catalog 1 and 2?” I was browsing the net, and I saw someone say it was this: “This lets you see your opponent’s new costumes, the content is NOT on the disk, hence the required pack download. This is free anyway, if you don’t have it, all that happens is you get a little error icon when you fight someone with one of the new costumes and instead of seeing their swanky new outfit, you see their normal one. You don’t get to use the outfit. This is just an optional update basically.”
[LEFT] Is this true?? Does this mean players wouldn’t even be able to see my costumes if I wore it? I kind of wanted to show it off. And does this mean I can’t even view other people’s costumes? I do remember seeing many times that “error” icon.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]An answer to all questions would be so HIGHLY appreciated. Thanks.[/LEFT]


PC / PS3 / X360?


Xbox 360.

  1. dlc works with sf4, ssf4, and AE.
  2. depends which costume you want. Super pack was the second set (first for the super characters) to come out, ultra set was third (last) to come out.
  3. the costume catalogs allow you to be able to view opponent’s purchased costumes online, if you dont downlaod it you get the error, and only see the default costume.

Question 4: I own a copy of SSF4, downloaded the original SF4 costume set, and the complete ultra costume pack. However, only the default and original alternate costumes are showing up for me. Any advice? My Internet really sucks don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Already re-downloaded it, no dice.

Thanks for the help.


Every character has two alternates. Three if they were in vanilla, in which case alternates from vanilla carry over to Super and AE. The reason why you see more than one DLC for alternates of the same character is that each DLC has more than one character in it. For instance I wanted to buy the alts for Juri. Her alts are lumped with Adon, T Hawk, Ibuki, and Cody which all get only one alt in that pack. So to get the second one, you have to buy the other pack. This is why they let you buy individual costumes in SFxTK because you end up blowing money on characters you don’t play. Plus you get to see which ones you are buying first.


Wait, so everyone has 2 DLC costumes? I never seen a different one. Like Dudley; I have only seen his one in a suit. He has another one?


Yeah hes got the suit one and then another with a lightning bolt on the back. Google image that shit. You’ll probably find them.