SSF4 AE 2012 Guile Video Thread: Return to Respectability

A new video thread was needed for Super, and here it is.

Some good sources for Guile videos
There are some tutorials about how to sign up with the Japanese characters, but I find it much easier to use our distant cousin of a language, German.
Click the first link so it remembers your preference as German, then in the same browser click the second and the rest should be common sense.

Levelup - you can see Warahk and Fuson playing here at times

Match videos from Japan

Arcade Infinity Youtube

Frame Advantage - Dieminion can be seen here at times



Geom Modinside

SonicFlash122 - Good tutorial videos


California Fight Club 4-23-10

Fuson vs Daigo (Ry)


Daigo vs Alex Valle (Ry)


Daigo vs Justin Wong (RU) - Part 1


Daigo vs Justin Wong (RU) - Part 2



Dagger_G vs Shigz (VI)


Dagger_G vs. Babenhausen (ZA)


Lamerboi(Guile) vs Ramin(Abel) 01:32:25

Lamerboi(Guile) vs FilipinoChamp(Dhalsim) 02:20:36

I know I’m not on the same level as Daigo and co. But i can probably teach noobs a thing or two, so here’s some of my favourite matches from some of my recent endless mode battles:

v Saberninho (Dudley)

v Navi1984 (Ken)

v John-Clay (Fei Long)

v BlackArrow (Dhalsim)

v SHIN-ODIN (Gouken)

v Ninjak22 (Balrog)

v Takamura13 (Akuma)

v Dribozyme (Juri)

v Manus85 (Green Guile)

v ViperGoomba (Gouken)

That’s Dagger_G vs. Babenhausen (ZA)

Dagger_G vs. Shigz (VI) is: [media=youtube]2vyPcGe4ydI[/media]

thanks, both are in now

Requesting a video on AA.

Almost all Guile videos I found are matches and combos, but his strongest asset is his AA ability: normals, FK, and air throw. It would be wonderful to have a video showing all his AA in different situations. It would be even better if the video shows some character specific AA (e.g., some has weird jumping angles, and some has higher priority jumping normals than Guile’s AA, etc…).

If someone has the knowledge and time to make such a video, that would be great. This video will probably be one of the must-watch videos for Guile players.

EXceed Solo Tournament
May 1-2, 2010


v. Dawgtanian (El Fuerte)

v. SupahSupreme (Cody)

v. Afii (Guile)

v. RMZ (Boxer) - (Final)

Some of ModInside’s SSF4 matches

Vs Sim
Vs Hawk
Vs Guy

Vs Cody
Vs Makoto
Vs Boxer x2
Vs Ken

Vs Guy
Vs Cammy
Vs Vega
Vs Guy
Vs Dudley

In an effort to support the SSF4 video thread, I pulled the videos of SSF4 from the SF4 thread and quoted them here for easy reference starting from 5/1/2010 (after the official Launch Day) to 6/10/2010.

SSF4 Launch Party

28:00 Fuson909 (Guile) vs Daigo (Ryu)
44:00 Alex (Ryu) vs Daigo (Guile)

Unity Events 4/23/10 9:00pm

23:00 Guile vs Chun Li
34:45 Guile vs Juri

Unity Events 4/23/10 11:52pm

11:00 Justin (Rufus) vs Diago (Guile)

Allen (Ibuki) vs Popo187 (Guile) 1

Allen (Ibuki) vs Popo187 (Guile) 2

Allen (Ibuki) vs Popo187 (Guile) 3

Nice matches of Guile in action

Daigo (Guile) vs Mago (Fei Long) (now who would have thought they’d see that a year ago. lol)


Oh and just for the record, it seems Daigo is going to main both Ryu and Guile. I’m sure I could end up being wrong. But he’s been using both of them pretty much evenly, rather than 100% Ryu like he did in SF4.

I believe gameinn is Inoue

Ok i’ll change it to Inoue. But a lot of people have been saying that’s Daigo. He plays both Ryu and Guile exactly like Daigo and happens to wear the exact same colour that Daigo uses for Guile. But I’m not going to get into an argument about it.

EDIT: i’ve had it confirmed that IS indeed Daigo.

Ranked online matches


Me(Guile) vs Sagat
Me(Guile) vs. Chun-Li


Me(Guile) vs. Sagat
Me(Guile) vs. Ryu


Me(Guile) vs. Rose
Me(Guile) vs. same Rose player 2nd match
Me(Guile) vs. Dudley

Fairly simple to beat Dudley since, you can snuff out his ducking with st. hp or cr. mk after a SB, which you did a wonderful job.

Guys I seriously need your help. What am I doing wrong? I’m playing against my friend online. He’s got a decent Abel, quite high on the rankings, anyway, I just can’t seem to defeat his Abel. I’ve uploaded this video via my phone. quality is bad, so please bear with me.

I need your advice on this match up, feel free to criticize exactly what I’m doing wrong. Thanks.


The second round was good. Once you’re no longer at full screen, abandon the booms or he’ll roll through and mess you up like he did. Bait a roll and then throw it.

Holy shit, you split a pair with Sabin?! You know who that is, right? Nice job!

LOL… I had no idea man. Somebody just brought that to my attention. I was just thinking it was some good player online. Had no idea it was Arturo. I was just looking at some of his money matches the other day against Daigo because I’m trying to learn Sim. Thanks for watching.

Show some love for GUILE, check out the Guile Rap Song “Feel My Pain”
Just give it a chance!

I love Guile music as much as anybody, but let’s keep the videos confined to matches, combos, and tutorials.