SSF4 AE 2012 Guile Video Thread: Return to Respectability



striderben (Guile 2p) vs Abel vs Makoto vs Bison vs Rose


Is this you? There is some high-level disply of hitconfirms and frame traps here. It’s an absolute blast to watch a good aggressive Guile player doing his thing.


It’s one of the dudes I know in Manila, he’s been using Guile and placing in tourneys since vanilla


Here’s a couple I missed. Sound doesn’t sync with the video for me, though Guile mirror, Striderben 2p vs Fei


Guys, is this the right thread to ask for help with character-specific match ups? I have the hardest time against Adon and could really use some help.


This is the video thread. Character Matchup thread is here: SSF4 Guile Match-up Thread: Typhoon < Sonic Boom < Vortex




@1:28, Guy baits a flashkick. I find it interesting as a kara medium flashkick probably would’ve reached and caught him, no?


Get ready for more vs. E.ryu match footage from seasons beatings

3:22 Alucard vs. sicksided
4:28 Dieminion vs. a dhalsim

0:00 Dieminion vs. Dhalsim contd.
21:00 Slinkun vs. Alucard
17:00 Slinkun vs. Alucard runback


A Kara medium flash kick? How do you do a Kara flash kick?

#1288 or …


Slinkun, the videos link back to this forum. There’s no way of seeing these videos.


Twitch has the SB archives down. A message on their site says they are uploading them to youtube. It will probably work again soon.


From what I’ve heard, partnered twitch streams are going to be locking down their video archives from now on. I figure there’s several reasons for this.

For one, concurrent viewer base is lowering down among livestreams. This includes partnered livestreams as well. Most folks are checking out archives instead of being there when the broadcast is live. By not being on the livestream when it’s live, the channel’s revenue decreases as they’re getting less hits than they potentially can achieve. This will cause viewers to realize, “oh damn, I won’t be able to view the archives easily. I’d best check out the stream while it’s live now.” Because honestly, no one likes to wait.

Second, eliminating people from uploading from their video archives to their own Youtube channel which basically boils down to this: Uploading to their own youtube channel to increase revenue from not only their partnered Twitchtv channels but from their Partnered Youtube channels as well. By doing such, viewers will automatically link the partnered youtube channels in other sites or what not due to limitation and effectively gross in more profit.

Bottom line: It’s another avenue of potential revenue/profit being exploited.


Huh. I guess that makes sense. I wouldn’t really call it “exploitation” though. That feels like a bit strong of a word to attach to the guys who put in hard work to stream this stuff. Gotta respect that.


Just won a local ranbat. Behold some Guile matches.

00:00 - DeeDog vs FunkyStrong (claw)
18:00 - Slinkun vs CORN Alucard (e.ryu)
35:00 - DeeDog vs CORN SethLOLOL (fei long)
49:30 - Slinkun vs TFA/RZR Weaponsleft (Adon/rose)
1:21:30 - Slinkun vs CORN SethLOLOL (fei long)
1:58:00 - Slinkun vs TFA/RZR Chat de Thunder (dhalsim) Winners Final
2:31:30 - Slinkun vs TFA/RZR Chat de Thunder (dhalsim) Grand Finals


fuck fei long. Seriously…i like how i just couldnt do shit against him then you play him and make that match look easy as fuck lmao


More striderben, using spoiler tag to make vids load faster

striderben (Guile


vs Cammy

vs Juri





Hey Slinkun. Congratulations on the win!

Just wondering why the commentator had so much hate for you calling you a “BUM” and saying you were mashing.


That’s CORN representing CORN. I was unaware of it at the time, but that’s just kind of what happens if you aren’t a member of CORN and you go up a member of CORN while in Detroit.