SSF4 AE 2012- If I want to get better


If I want to get better, should I play on ranked or endless? what are the pros and cons on each mode?


you can play this all the time.
Sometimes you run into top level players.
lots of variety.
People care about points so people try.
It can teach you bad habits.
Need to wade through lots of scrubs.

Get to pick who you play.
Long sets so you can really work on a specific play style of 1 charactor.
You need a good friends list. If you play verse scrubs in player matches you are going to be a scrub forever. You need to find top level players to play with otherwise you might as well roll the dice in ranked.
People dont care because there is nothing at stake.

I grind rank when im trying to get better. I get matches with some of the best players in the US on a nightly basis. Yeah you have to play vs some scrubs and deal with lag from time to time. I really only play player matches when im too drunk to play ranked.

If you really want good player matches the best way to go is offline. and better than ranked is offline tourney play.
so it goes from best to worst.

Offline tourney play
offline casuals
player matches.

This all gets turned on its head if you are in either cali japan or NYC. then you should be playing offline only.


There’s probably not a lot of difference really.
Usually Endless because you’ll be able to continue playing.

I find people in Ranked might play a bit more ferociously, as they not necessarily want to win, but don’t want to lose points.
A loss in endless is chillax time.

If your super mega new completely:

  • Ranked mode is 1 v 1 against a random person.
    (You can’t see their skill beforehand)

  • Endless is a lobby where you continually fight in a winner stays on mode.
    (You can see people PP beforehand, and set up lobby messages, allowing you to gauge opponent skill before you fight.)


coz smeone really good will show up…and whip every person there in your lobby. including you.
but you’ll learn how to play watching that person’s matches. you’ll learn that the reason they win consistently is coz they play carefully. and you’ll learn good strategies & bnbs.


You’d put Ranked ahead of playing offline casuals? The internet must be really good where you are - I find the more I play the more I get frustrated with the limitations and differences of playing online.

Having established that they are two different things, of course, if one were only intending to play online then I suppose that would be a more useful way to practice…