SSF4:AE:2012 Personal (NOT OFFICIAL) Tier List

S : Akuma, Seth

A+ : Ryu, Cammy, C Viper

A : Dhalsim, Rufus, Sagat, Makoto, Yun, Zangief

B+ : Guile, Ken, Abel, Chun Li, Balrog, Bison, E Honda

B: Yang, Fei Long, Cody, Blanka, Adon, Evil Ryu, Sakura, Ibuki

C+ : DeeJay, Rose, Dudley, Oni, Fuerte, Gouken, Gen, Dan

C : Juri, Vega, Guy, T Hawk, Hakan

Feel Free to leave your comment on what you think the tier list should be, like i said, its not official, its just what i believe it to be

Right now there is no “officially agreed upon” tier list for 2012. It is all personal opinion. That said there is a whole thread devoted specifically to this:

Though they might want to consider changing the name of the thread since it is 2011 almost 2012. That or rebooting the thread again in a few months once 2012 settles a bit. Either way, you’ll get more feedback on your opinion there.

Lol why is Seth called top tier all the time? If anybody saw the changes to Seth, they would realize he was nerfed from Vanilla AE to v2012. He is mid tier, like he always has been. It’s just not PoongKO finally got some attention. In AE, Dagio rated him D tier. Then he was nerfed more, then he is top tier? It doesn’t make any sense. I’ve played him since Super.

Yes,it is not official.

It’s officially retarded. :tup:

Best logic IMO
Akuma got nerfed from Vanilla to AE 2012 so for sure he’s mid tier! + Daigo’s thoughts = god’s thoughts so for sure everything that he says is the truth! he can never be wrong !

oh wait…

fraudulent tier list !

Akuma was S-tier back in Vanilla, if ever. Right now I’d have him at A-rank.

IMHO, Vega is definitely somewhere around B+
His 2012 version is really an accumulation of positive buffs and changes that IMO surpass his Super counterpart.

Except Seth has gotten constantly nerfed since Vanilla despite never really being widely used at any competitive level until recently.

The only reason hes managed to stay so high tier like Akuma is because he plays the same matchup vs a lot of the cast…mixup…a lot.