SSF4 AE 2012 Surprise Coming?

Seth Killian mentioned that there are some surprises in store at the Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 location tests being held in Japan.

it’s probably just more balancing, but if the stars are alined just right, maybe juuust maybe, ono has gone retard and will give us 2 FREE characters!

Semi-evil Ryu. He deals drugs, but draws the line at selling to kids.

Semi Evil Ryu is secretly Scumbag Steve.

I highly doubt we will get new characters because…

A/ It would take too much time to add new characters.
B/ It would just create further balancing issues.
C/ Capcom (or any other developer) don’t give characters for free.

My bet is the secret surprise is a re-organized select screen to look something like this…

I was thinking they might add new costumes. I would really like to see Chunny in her police outfit.

Surprise suckers! Reverse every adjustment we’ve revealed! Yun and Yang gon rape everyone HARDER, $30 patch.

Ssf4: Snap the Condom On edition.

His tweet was in response to this

@sethkillian can you give any info on AE changes? Curious about Dudley’s Rolling Thunder change.

naw people got this all wrong, were getting

male makoto - plays like ken

female ken - plays like makoto

so hes saying, more balance crap?

Not until I get PMS Sakura :wink:

So basically Sakura with Makoto’s super?

I want Iron Chef El Fuerte and Hakan’s Wife.

Serious: they reveal that new alts will be designed by Udon. Cammy fans rejoice.

Oh and Mika.

Yeah…Ono already said there will be no new characters on his twitter.

The “surprises” are probably just unlisted balance changes or something small.

Let’s not turn a simple statement into anything bigger than that. We know darn well that this community loves to blow simple statements out of proportion…and then get mad at Capcom when the 10 free characters they never mentioned don’t get included in the game.

Hopefully it’s methed out Gouken with faster walk speed and a changed dizzy animation where he looks around puzzled and scratching all over himself while muttering nonsense.

More costumes, nothing else, I think.

Remember this guy is a Strategic Marketing Director. To make no-news sound like big news is his job.

Maybe new stages? Idk.

Most likely new balance changes or unlisted ones. Capcom is doing this for free remember so don’t expect much.

If Capcom wanted to please their fan base they could give away a free treat like MK has been doing with their update patches.

The only reason they do that is to get more people to download the compatibility packs so people who actually bought the DLC characters can play them online every once in a while.

the rumour from the grapevine is we are getting evil ken and shin ken (kens demon form) Next on the line is evil Guile

I heard Robo Dan and Sun Tan Sakura. Your facts must be wrong.

People forget, MK was made by fricking WARNER BROTHERS. They can give away as much free stuff as they want…because they’re WARNER BROTHERS. If they were still just a video game company like Midway or Capcom, they definitely wouldn’t be giving away “free” stuff like that.