SSF4 AE C To Shining C Overlap?


I got C with a lot of characters in SSF4, now im going for the C to shining C Achievement… do i have to redo the SSF4 Characters in AE?


i figured not many people would know the answer to this




M-M-M_M_M-M-M_-M---_M-onster kill kill kill


I did the C to shining C achievement back in super, and the trophy is still there in AE so I don’t have to redo it. Your situation is a little different since you’re trying to mix and match with super/ae, so take that as you will.


Hate to resurrect an old thread but i can now answer the original question , yes you can get the achievement that way i just did it with half characters in super and half characters in AE you don’t have to bother with AE only characters (E.ryu , Oni , Yang ,Yun)


noice, i also wanted to know this.


…lol at the “i also” part…:shake: