SSF4 AE Cammy Changes and Discussion



  • S.LP (close and far) recover faster.
  • S.MP/CR.MP recover faster, and S.HP’s early activate frames can be canceled.
  • Because of the changes to normals, many new combos are possible.
  • As other characters, there are buffs in hitboxes, damage, etc, here and there.


  • Cannon Spike is more punishable (lol).
  • Cannon Strike can only be done at the top 1/3rd of Cammy’s jump. EX CS remains the same.
  • HK Spiral Arrow only hits once unless point blank.

I just saw that on the main page and I raged. People can literally just hold down back and beat Cammy now. That better not go through.

I bet this won’t stick.

If it does, we have the age old, tired, cliche option of dropping an atomic bomb on Japan again.

so much for free meter gain also wont that affect her ambiguos(sp?) crossup timing after back throw.

stop posting three times. go delete your post.

if this is true in the final version, I’m going to quit cammy and pick up Yun

lol wut. So lame. How are we supposed to blow up abel?

Never seen a triple post before.

Hopefully, Arcane is right but this still makes my heart ache. ;_;

How nice that Capcom considered messing up the two main characters I use (Cammy and Guile). Notice in the post how Chun-Li is untouched while Ryu and Akuma’s changes are practically irrelevant since Guile’s sonic boom is dumb down? Then Ken somehow gets an upgrade.

Back to Cammy…TKCS has helped me in tight situations…especially the delayed ones…you might as well tell Cammy to go home and be a homemaker if they are going to make these changes stick because she will get her ass kicked in a daily basis.

People are assuming this change is in isolation. While I have no reason to have faith that CAPCOM will get it right, for all we know she could end up with a major buff to one of her other moves, maybe something she can spam all day. Also I don’t think lack of TKCS is crippling. It’s easily stuffed by some chars and I can get an early cannonstrike out almost as quickly as a delayed TKCS. In case people don’t realise, this is info that people have scraped together within a very small time window to try out the chars, before they get kicked off the machine and someone else gets a turn. We probably aren’t getting the whole picture.

Well, Tokyo Game Show starts next week. If Ono mentions this as official, he’s going to need security because there will be people throwing things at him.

Well, at least ex tkcs is there, but I feel like the removal wasn’t really necessary. Possibly might not even be patched to consoles, though I doubt it.

tkcs strike Ono

Normals easier to combo

Im curious what this means. If you add frame advantage to any of her normals it really opens up a bunch of combos…

My guess is that cl.HK is +5 on hit

Maybe they mean it’s easier to combo off of a CS now, because it has decent block/hit stun from more than an inch off the ground?. I actually wouldn’t mind if you could only do delayed (Juri/Makoto/Adon style) CS and it did relevant frame stun. Instant non EX CS are pretty garbage outside of free combos imo anyways unless you’re playing Abel or something. That would actually work great for my style of Cammy play.

someone needs to kick ono in the shins if this is true. first gen from vanilla now cammy from super… it would be nice if they left key elements of the characters i play alone -_-;

Great! (-_-)/

Okay, I’m kind of a noob, but I do main Cammy, and TKCS is a big part of my mixup game… but is this really that big of a deal? TKCS basically gives an extra chunk of damage to otherwise normal combos, right? If said combos were made stronger/longer wouldn’t it kinda be moot? (feel free to let me know I’m wrong with a million flames, lol).

our spirits are worse now

I will reserve judgement until the final version of the game is in my or a great Cammy’s players hands whom have had time with it.

If it is true, Ono is the biggest hack since Shyamalan

its complete bullshit that they remove TKCS. I hope that is not a permanent change. Its part of what makes her so fun to play.

Well there goes her mix up game. F^$*!