SSF4 AE Cammy Changes and Discussion

I still have no problem winning w/ Cammy. She’s still strong/fun, just takes getting used to. That’s really all it is.

Those were ggs man.

She’s probably still strong with all her new links…it’s just not as fun for me personally. I miss tricking people into crouch teching and then doing tkcs for a combo :frowning:
Even though you can still do an EXcs, it makes it almost high risk low reward considering her meter dependency now. And I just can’t wrap my head around the fact capcom just left hooligan and sbk the same while nerfing c.spike,, and c.strike.

random notes: cammy or cs.hp can link into or sweep on counterhit, kind of like ryu you can just sort of throw this out there in strings to fish for combos ending in c.mkxxarrow at max range or hard knockdown when you’re closer. easy to hit confirm good damage.

Does anyone know a use for the normal cannon strikes now? It seems like a worthless move- can maybe link a mp one outta ten times. If ur gonna be that high in the air is there ever a time you’d use cs instead of just a normal attack now?

Normal cannon strikes are good for mix ups on wake up, and also for setting up an ex strike to ultra. I’m finding on large characters you need to end with HK SA to get into position for instant cross up or HK strike to fake cross up, and on ryu sized chars you need to use MK SA to get into proper position. This is coming off cr.p,, cr. foward combos.

Also another huge benefit are these fast jabs, 2x standing jab into far hp into HK SA is pretty good.

I’ve just posted up a chart of every Cannon Strike and the advantage on each one, you can find it here:

If you’re striking their heads 9/10 times, then I think that says more about your use of CS than the actual usefulness of the move - it’s still very useful, even more so when you know all of your options after each one. Which the thread I linked above should help you out with. :slight_smile:

Am I bugging out or can you do cr. jab, cr. short, cr. fierce to SA? Is that even worth it?

edit: Whooaaa and I just cancelled far standing fierce into H Spiral Arrow. It looked so weird lol

^ you mean cr.LK, cr.LP, Far Standing HP xx right? - i think its pretty dmging. Its so you can get both hits off of

you cant cancel cr.fierce to sa… - unless you’re saying cr.fierce gives enough frame advantage to spiral arrow? o.O

you can also do, cr.HP -> Standing Far HP xx, or

standing HP -> Standing Far HP xx

someone also posted up cr.MP, cr.HP, cr. Mk xx.

but yeah… I want to change my bnb to cr.LK, cr.LP, cr MP, xx cuz it seems infinitely easier to do than cr.Lk, crLP, S.HP xx hsa…

I have only had chance to play a few online games and 10 minutes in training mode but I quite like AE Cammy, will take a little getting used to not being able to TKCS but her normals are much better which is awesome. I like that you can st.LP->cr.HK, theres probably some safe-jumps you can do off that.

cl.hp, f.hp, c.spike fadc ultra 1. corner only.
Probably the most damaging fadc combo. Although it’s more efficient to just fish for a crouch tech and EX tkcs to ultra imo., cr.lp, f.hp, c.spike fadc ultra 1
cr.lp, cl.hp, c.spike fadc ultra 1
Again, not the most efficient way of setting up ultra 1 but pretty easy to execute from anywhere (crossup lk, EX c.strike, etc) and very hit-confirmable.

AE Cammy Overcoming Nerfs:


That is fucking good work Olympian.

Can I ask a question? I looked at the frames (and rigorously experimented in training mode) and I could not for the life of me , even with plinking get any lp (except for the close version) to link into sweep. Is there a trick with it that I’m missing? because being able to do st.lp > on the characters with weaker wakeup will be really really good in some situations.

^ thx The-Olympian for the vid. helped boost my morale for AE cammy

going into AE cammy, I have an IMMENSE fear of grapplers. Zangeif’s spd throw range is now INSANE… sigh. I also have issue with Thawk’s condor spire? (that move that he goes forward with)

does anyone have any general strategy for this?

I don’t really know if you mean random spires or not but here’s a little bit of info L Spire covers like around one square M covers like 1 1/4 squares and H covers 1 1/2 squares I stay just outside of his Hp Spire range which is like around 2 training mode squares then jump when I see the start up(20 Frames) I neutral jump and Ex Strike to land a big combo or if I feel I reacted a little late or need guaranteed damage I just use plain old Spiral Arrow/Super/Ultra when I see him leave the ground. If your at his H spire or range and you feel you might get hit by one you can just H cannon spike no matter what versions he uses If he uses any version other than H spire the spike will do the anti air 160 damage. I have no Idea what do when he uses it up close after a knockdown to start his grab/Dragon punch/sweep shenanigans other than guessing.


Just to the 20 second mark.

The breakfast cereal still has ‘Cammy’ on the box, but it tastes very different.

I love that people are trying to find something good in her, and i’ll keep watching, but generally the verdict is only ‘she’s still viable’. Well,so is Balrog and his bully normals that were always my nemesis. It makes me feel… she’s more like a character I used to like to face off against, rather than like to play as. She’s become the enemy. But there’s nothing wrong with that I guess, if you only require ‘Cammy’ brand cereal. I can’t say she’s thrilling to watch on-screen anymore, though, regardless of level of play… (hoping for examples to the contrary).

I’d pick Yun if he weren’t the harbinger of 8/2 matchups to the SF4 series. I actually like the guy. Fast, nimble, execution-heavy, can’t take hits well, stylish but modestly dressed, the perfect ‘mid-tier’ rush-down character, just like Cammy used to be. It’s more likely to happen in a rebalance patch, than is Cammy being Cammy again. I may yet get my favourite morning wheaties.

hey guys, I was playing against blanka the other day and he did a point blank ultra 1 as I was waking up. immediately I did ex spin fist , in super, I would have escaped to the other side, but when I did that , I spun around in front instead of going tru, and ultimately got hit instead. what gives ?!

the trick is to hit far/crouch lp during its later active frames giving you more advantage on hit (+7).

its character specific against yun/yang/rufus:

j.hp/meaty strike/ex strike, cr.lp, cr.hp, crlp (later active frames),, mk arrow
j.hp/meaty strike/ex strike, cr.lp, cr.hp, crlp (later active frames), sweep

j.hp/meaty strike/ex strike, cr.lp, close hp, far lp (later active frame),, mk arrow
j.hp/meaty strike/ex strike, cr.lp, close hp, far lp (later active frame), sweep

havent had the time to do testing on the rest of the cast.

Thanks, after looking at this

I can add got this to work on Fei Long (phew) also. It seems to work better after doing a couple of jabs rather than just doing one. , cr.lp , st.lp , st.lp , is a really nice hit confirm into sweep where Cammy can probably set up more damage.


Also , the mixup you show at 1:50 could be potent, I can imagine you have options between a strike that hits the front, crossup or empty jump into Did you test it on many characters?

Not sure… I haven’t tested. But when this happens, I usually just do EX CSpike or CSpike… I’m pretty sure this works for sure.

nice, on Fei long after sweep then safejump you can OS stand hp (could use cr.hp) beats chicken wing + backdash. and safe from dp.

@1:50. Honda can be crossed up (jlk) after almost any hk sa combo. in the croner he loses charge to headbutt. if you jump out of corner strike buttslam whiff (he gets cornered = free punish).

you can crossup if you hit the following:

  •, cr.lp,, mk sa (character + space dependent)
  • after meaty ex strike/jump attack, cr.lp, cr.hp, far hp, hk sa (rufus, sim, abel… etc)
  •, cr.lp, far lp, far hp, hk sa (rufus, sim, deejay… etc)

i havent got the chance to further test :frowning:

we need to come up with a full list of combos and the situation they create.