SSF4 AE Cammy Changes and Discussion

I think its only for her super no?

It’s character specific but works on Yun and Yang actually, and hurts like hell lol

oh and so does the ch cr fierce cr fierce ultra… on Yun and Yang I mean

^ which means 70% of the cast

Mother of god…why were we not informed of this. Great find, gotta try it out when I can.

It’s really only against the 6 chars in the description and the twins, and only works if they’re crouching… but typically they are guarding low during a block string and mashing cr tech so it’s still an option

Totally posted on here a while ago lol

Lol. I must have missed it then. ive never seen it pulled off in a real match either :frowning:

Steinmania the Great Librarian … :confused:

Your work here is greatly appreciated stein.

You can’t use generic CH in training mode, because CH only happens when the other character does a move first, and every single move they do changes their hitbox position immediately. So a CH on a neutral chun might get you a +10, but if you make her do a and CH that, all of a sudden it might go back to a regular +7, or it might whiff entirely… which is why you have to test against (crouch techs) specifically.

CH cl.hp cr.hp to U1 only works against 3 crouch techs in the game (Fei, Hakan, Sagat), maybe someone can test the cr.hp U1 against every crouch tech?

Hmm dee jay is tough. That auto correct up kick is brutal. Any tips?

I thought the matchup thread was over there ------->

Also Stein puts your Dee Jay worries to rest:

Wow whatever thanks 0_o

and to the sig this goes.

If some of you haven’t seen this vid made my Geoff then here you go

Thank you~ I honestly just wanted to get Cammy hyped again. She’s still a lot of fun and I focused more on the exciting parts of her, like her rushdown.

Yes it was a good video! Got some good laughs as well even learned some things to change my game around. Gotta get back into top 50 range again

If you wanna play some time let me know!

Loved your videos Geoff, I checked them all out this morning. the thing I liked the most was abels held ultra and gen walks over and jumps into it. I have several moments like this saved as well lol. Keep up the good work its nice to have some cammy buzz around here for a change.

k guys, I’m calling this combo:

low jab, close stand fierce, meaty far jab, sweep.

lol idk who it works on, I did it on ryu, but the timing’s kinda weird.