SSF4 AE Cammy Changes and Discussion


there are other variations clp, crouch hp, clp, cmk mk arrow. or sweep.

on Bison you can clp, crouch hp, far lp, sweep.

… damn

Ha of course we play the same I notice. Also we have lots o points lol. Will be a fun one add me

i think kouryuu, cammysutra and jchensor are onto what ae cammy is about from 2 pages ago. sure its very hard for cammy to get in on some characters, but once you do her walk speed and speedy normals really make for a lesson on being trained if you oppose her. i havnt put much time into AE cammy, but a good mixup ill use is the old cr lk, cr lp, cr lk BnB and even if i get hit confirm to finish it with special ill stop and walk up and back throw. this REALLY throws off alot of people. then after using it 2 or 3 times(sometimes more if my opponent doesnt get it) ill walk up, into meaty cr lk or cr hp, wich will usually catch whatever kind of spam they are doing then ofcourse finish with sumin like sweep or a spike. and get ready to repeat.

but what im trying to get at is i think its all about her throw and walk/dash speed combined with speedy normals. ofcourse i still think she needs a smoke bomb, that stays on screen for about 3 seconds, does no damage. works like a fireball with a after effect of smoke, costs 1 ex. just so cammy CAN get inside and go for a hit. like i said i havnt put much time into AE so far, but ive already been humiliated by a honda and guile player who just sat in the corner and waited.

i also agree with whoever was saying alot of the QQ is from people who got used to easy wins. i can still make cammy shine, it just requires 100% of yourself.

I like the claims of Super Cammy being free wins when we have AE Yun.

ya im the one who said there is alot of crying. You can really tell the people who have put in the work to learn AE cammy and the people who can’t deal with change and play like super cammy. The buffs to Cammys punches make her an absolute monster, I love it <3 This version of Cammy is absolutely smashing! I dunno bout you guys but I havnt even run into one AE cammy yet besides endless matched with Vikkiturner. I dont see why this character is so unplayed when she is listed in the top 10 on most tier charts. You can have your yangs and yuns. Ill keep my killer bee and in the long run when everyone has learned how to troll yun and ass block yang our lovely killer bee will still be there under represented. Every time I enter a ranked match anymore I get so many easy openings on people because they have failed to adapt to this version of cammy when played PROPERLY

The strangest thing happened the other day. I ran into TWO in a row. Two different ones mind you after nothing but Yuns, Bisons, and Giefs and throw in some Evil Ryus and Onis too. But yeah I had to do a double take and swore I had deja vu. :slight_smile:

i played for about 4 hours last night online, psn. 1 cammy player, pillow sumin. im kind of enjoying not seeing other cammys like in vanilla. players jumped ship as fast as they hopped it it seems.
this also might be some lag tactic or noob move, but ive been getting alot of U1’s off of blocked crouching hp’s. ALSO i guess ive taken to SBF alot more since nerf on extkcs, its not too bad. ill start off first round with it, just to see what happens. you can usually tell whats gonna happen thru the rounds from your first few moves, well as an aggressive cammy player. ill use sbf to get in closer, on almost every character, since heavy spiral is messed. they start punishing it, i know that i have a chance to mix up. as a cammy player, eating a 50% combo to get in could be what it takes to seal the deal. im not claiming to be the best player, but im a cammy player, always have been always will be. i can tell when something(maybe not against pros) works.

and as far as regular dive kick now, it seems like something to use sparingly to grab the gold, then something to apply pressure. between cammys crossup lk and jump in mp, you shouldnt need to use reg dive kick consistently, unless you want to eat some buffed AA or a srk, or even worse ultra.

someone mentioned in a previous post alot of Fa’s being used against cammy now, throw in that SBF. if we never use it, even if its a crap move, itll never work.

yeah I said the thing about the FA’s, generally they tend to use them against dive kicks. The threat of a FA keeps cammy grounded some times. Im not much of a fan of spinning back fist. Its seriously an unsafe move, I mostly only use it to go through fire balls. Some times like you ill open a match with it and see what comes of it but thats the bulk of it . Spinning back fist just takes to long to nail a focus attack unless the person your fighting has special needs and takes it all the way to lvl 3

i wont use it to punish fa, like you i only use it as a punish on fireballs. but besides a punish, i use it as fertilizer for training the opponent, and as a way to get in when the usual means wont work. sbf is so rarely used, most people dont tend to look out for it unless they are throwing fireballs. i know ive gone thru many ying or yang charge fists with fierce. wich i think i read in a previous post someone was using light sbf to catch em. personally i just try to read them with a heavy SA. but that only works some of the times… not to mention sbf trades in cammys favor with juris air dive, or can sometimes pop up opponents for a ultra juggle if they are neutral jumping. ive noticed many other benefits of it in AE, but cant recall too many, as they were all epic battles. i will pay more attention tonight playing.

personally if i see a FA that i cant stop unless putting myself at risk(wich i always do just to make sure) ill just wait to see what they will do with it, if anything it gives cammy some time to get closer.

That’s true woot of people tend to like FA on dive kicks because its an easy counter to it. I just empty jump to back throw and start the ownage if I feel they like to focus

I know a while back we were talking about the changes to ex drill hitboxes…

Found a pic of regular and ex cannon strike hitboxes

i find it hard some times to determine if my dive kick is gonna be comboable or not any tips? i try to land it deep

check out that thread, Teyah did a great job with that.

Thanks to Stein’s post, and the hitboxes of divekick taken from SSF4, here is a mock of up how Cannon Strike / EX Cannon Strike has changed from SSF4:

As you guys can see, the normal CS is no longer hittable below its hitbox, making it have much better priority. However this doesn’t seem to translate over to any noticeable differences (yet…) since it still loses to pretty much every solid AA normal. Maybe we can find situations where divekick won’t lose now, though.

The really big change here is the EXCS. The big red vertical box from below Cammy was roughly cut in half, and moved over to the horizontal side. The problem is, the horizontal side doesn’t do anything for downward priority, only for air to air priority. So while it might not lose air to air battles as often, now it will lose out to normals like Balrog cr.hp, Guile cr.hp, Shoto cr.hp, Chun st.hp, Dhalsim, Bison… and the list goes on. EXCS used to beat all of these clean. Now the hitbox is about the same as j.hp in terms of downwards priority.

I really don’t mind the changes I can still pressure my opponent and build meter quick by comboing the shit out of them xDD

woah! so regular strike got actually much better. they cut down the huge big green hurtbox at the bottom.

ex strike got bigger hitbox then super. but its moved up a little hmmmmm giving away more to the green area.?


i need help you guys. anyone can link me up to good quality image of Super TKCS :slight_smile: on whiff and on hit. no hitbox no meter bars showing. just the animation of regular Super TKCS. Cammy wearing alt1 color 10 plz



So let me get this straight, they changed EXCS to make it a better air to air move at the expense of air to ground. Who usesit as an AtA? If you are you should be getting punished. They kinda have things backwards don’t ya think??

thanks stein. also that combo really works on standing juri hk sa x2. now i know my bnb against her :slight_smile: