SSF4/AE - Crouch block on opponent's wakeup?


I was thinking about this today.

Normally, when I score a knockdown, I try to go for a meaty attack. If it’s blocked, I get advantage/frame trap opportunity, and if it hits I go into a combo.

Usually when I hit a meaty combo once or twice, the next time I knock them down they’ll go for a reversal. I act like I’m going to meaty and then crouch block.

But I was thinking about this- I’m very scared to crouch block so close, as I could possibly get thrown (granted a meaty attack would beat that, but this is the rock-paper-scissors part where I guess “block”). Holding back could work, since it would (maybe) avoid a throw, and it would block a reversal if it occurred.

Walking backwards is vulnerable to lows, but… if they are mashing lows instead of reversals on wakeup, that means I need to keep using meaty attacks, right? And reversals that are invincible usually don’t hit low (I would think)…

So, is there any point at all to crouch blocking when the opponent is knocked down? Would it be wise to always walk backwards if making the decision to defend?

Also, something unrelated I tried to ask in another topic (but apparently it wouldn’t go through);

Let’s say you get hit with an air-to-air, or a normal anti-air when you jump in- you flip out and land on your feet. Is it possible that the opponent has a guaranteed meaty attack if they are close enough, and all you can do is block?

I try to reversal a lot in these situations and end up getting hit instead.


When you crouch block you don’t move, so for positioning it could be useful. The threat of you being that close (while out of grab range) can cause a reaction in the opponent as well. Walking backwards doesn’t really have any threat value as it is a visual end in your offensive momentum. I don’t really go for meaty attacks too often, so I can’t really be sure if that is a good way to go at it, but those are my thoughts on it.


Its best not to think of street fighter in absolutes -

As said before crouch blocking in front of an opponent is a way to pressure wakeup. It tells your opponent that all your offensive options are available and as you’ve noticed a meaty will beat all non-invincible wake ups(invincible reversals and backdashes - armored moves to a degree). This forces a reaction out of them that can be remembered and used against them.

Ideally, however, you want to mask your intentions past the attack attack block rhythm. For instance Safe Jumps restrict your opponents ability to reversal and sets up OSes. Ambiguous cross ups make blocking and reversaling difficult. Whiffing moves over them may make them thing its safe to reversal when its a bait, or goad them into staying still letting you go for something else depending on what you’re represented before. Walking back can be very dirty if they’re in the corner as said before it suggests that you’re backing off letting them go for something…only to get tagged by a far reaching move at the last second! (the daigo special walk back fireball)

Mix it up! Try looking at your character forum for interesting stuff.

For your last question, yes - if they get air reset you can put them in the same forced meaty situation and they will have to do something invincible to avoid the situation. As for why the reversal didn’t come out - execution error, mistimed, wrong move, etc.


Oh I just wanted to throw in one extra tidbit for why stand blocking against wakeup isn’t always ideal

Besides the fact that if you mistime the back you’ll start backing off dissuading them from attempting reversals revealing yourself to lows is a general bad in street fighter. Depending on char if they see you stand block their attempts they can go into the low of choice to hit you instead. If you’re crouch blocking it’s much harder to counter-attack that way. Additionally, crouch tech. if they attempt one and don’t tech a throw - a comes out (barring the Xian method) - which some players have gotten pretty good at converting to pressure or a combo so you’re opening yourself up to that risk as well.


What’s the consensus on a delayed crouch tech on opponent’s wakeup versus straight up holding down-back and nothing else?


delayed crouch tech + jab/sweep option select