SSF4:AE Data Card In Japan


What’s up, I was wondering if anybody knew how to change name or customize your character when you have a data card in Japan? When I use my data card, it says no name, and I have racked up a lot of BP and zeny but I see no option for customizing when I put it in, it just asks if I want to use my data for my character, rather than “cuztomize.” Although, I never fight the CPU or anything, and there’s another option below when you start the game, but I never bothered even reading it because I’m usually fighting in a place with high level players and I rarely get the chance to experiment with the other option, as many people are waiting to play.

I think foreign players living in Japan like to customize their characters more than Japanese do, so I was wondering if anyone could help me out, thanks.


You need someone with a phone to go online and ‘activate’ your card and then you can change your name. Your name/account will be then linked to their phone.


you shouldve ask this question in the japan thread(there are two threads, one in the world section, one in GD)…

i recently answered the same question in one of the thread, but yeah, you need a phone to register your card and use the phone to access to the mobile site where you can customize everything customizable.

“I think foreign players living in Japan like to customize their characters more than Japanese do” <----- what? lol

as for the “other option” when you start the game, the top one is arcade mode, below is beginner mode (where you play for 3-4 matches vs cpu before anyone can challenge you)


Thanks guys, I actually had asked Mizoteru and Aoru to help me with it and they helped me, although there was a problem as to how strict it was to name your character because you had to use the big romaji from a japanese input keyboard rather than capital letters from standard English keyboard. In case anyone else needs help with it, this is what they told and showed me:

  1. Scan the QR Code on the machine where you buy the data card (QR Code is like a barcode but the one that’s squared.) I did it with my iPhone and a software called QR Scan, it’s free.
  2. It brings you to the registration page and there is a link that says “send mail,”) something like that, then you send the email, blank or not
  3. They will email you a link back instantly, and you click on the link from there.
  4. In this link, look for an option that says “player name” (it’s in Japanese though.)
  5. Make sure you use Japanese romaji (English) input, it’s the English character set but bigger from a Japanese keyboard layout, then click okay (the button below the name input.)
  6. After you set this all up, it takes you back to the page where you chose to change your name, and there is a link below the name change, here, you enter in the serial code you see on the back of your card. There’s 4 rows to enter the numbers, you just enter in the numbers in multiples of the amount you see after each space, so it’s like “495-484-5855” like that.

After that, you’re all set. You can customize your characters icons and so on from this main page, you should have a copy of the page on your phone.

By the way, I just can’t read all the katakana yet but I’m getting along okay otherwise as I been here for a couple years.