I’d like to know is it possible to download the AE DLC onto the harddrive or do you have to use the disc for AE? Because I had to get a new harddrive and my disc of ssf4 was scratched and i’m wondering if I could get the ssf4 buffered somewhere to have it cleaned so I can install the AE DLC onto my harddrive and not have to use the disc anymore.

You can download the AE onto your harddrive via marketplace but there is a charge for the download. Or you can buy the disc and install the game onto your harddrive. Either method works.

Yes I downloaded the AE from the marketplace. My question is do you need the SSF4 disc to run AE via DLC.

Yes I think you do need the disc to run the AE DLC. I’m not too sure because I own both SSFIV and SSFIV AE discs.

Did you ever attempt in launching the game without the disc? Try that first. If it does not work then you do need the SSFIV disc.

EDIT: I can see your disc is damaged. Try the running the AE DLC method. If that does not work then you’re going to need a new disc. I am no where familiar with buffering discs because I’ve done those methods and the discs still never worked too well with me. Goodluck.

Yes, you have to either download the AE dlc and use your SSF4 disc, or buy the new SSF4AE disc. Either way, a disc has to be in your tray.

Or you can buy SSF4 via marketplace, then buy the AE addon, I think.

I guess what kylednotm said is correct. My final suggestion is buy a used SSFIV disc which should run around 8-10 dollars from Gamestop since the AE disc version is out (Very Cheap Method)

I wouldn’t recommend the buffer method because of my personal bad experiences with DVDs and game discs.

I agree but once I get the game I want to download it onto my harddrive because I heard if the game is on the harddrive it runs less of a risk of getting scratchs because the game isn’t actually spinning in the tray. So what I want to know is If I go get another copy of the game can download AE dlc onto my harddrive.

Hmm I guess I could do this too.

any disc of SSF4 will work, a SSF4 disc is a SSF4. I run all games I’ll be playing frequently on my harddrive. DLC and everything else will work just the same with your disc or any other SSF4 disc on your console.

If you can install the game fine with the scratch, just install it (no need to buy a new disc). Once installed on your HDD, they just verify the disc is in the tray to verify you still own the disc then switches to the HDD data.

Yeah but I think the SSFIV DLC is more expensive than buying a used disc. Also are you using a 360 or PS3?

360 yeah I checked it’s 29.99 pretty expensive.

Used disc is the way to go. Do you put your 360 in a vertical position or a horizontal position?

EDIT: Check your local Gamestop, gamestore and ask them. Or you can try and buy a used SSFIV.