SSf4 AE fightStick templates


Sup guys in honor of yun and yang debuting in the sf4 series i went ahead and made these two templates for all the fans out there.Psds added

Yun temp

Yang Temp


very nice i love the yun onee


WOW really good work! The alpha 3 styled art in the first one looks kinda out of place though.


it does look a lil out of place might have to go back and change it when i find some good yun pics


looks good.


tank you all for th feedback


can i apply this template to the SF4 TE stick? cuz i don’t have the SSF4 TE stick… T_T


should be the same size, just doesn’t have the “wings”.


yes you can it should fit all the te stciks. as mentioned above^^^


updated 1st post :smiley:


I really like the Evil Ryu & Oni ones. :slight_smile:


Im glad u like them :slight_smile: psd updated


could yo make me one using the the same ae pictures with and Ken ssf4 Picture With a 8 layout button using this Template?


nice art


do you have the yang one with ALL of the buttons? I dont want to get rid of the other 2 buttons


its set to work for either 6 or 8 buttons when you take it to printing. It’s recommended to turn off the button hole lay outs. the xbob layouts can also be changed to fit 8 or 6 buttons and to ps3 aswell!


Ok so where do I go to buy the Oni and Evil Ryu ones from you KaboXx :slight_smile:


just click the download links haha no need to buy.


Oh haha kinda missed that. This will be my first time customizing a fight stick so my question is do you print them with a normal printer or what. I clicked on it and it downloaded etc but I can’t open it bc it says I need a program to open the archived data. I take it there is a certain size to print it out too? Looking forward to your response lol!


I love you… so much.