SSF4 AE Food Tier List

Devised by the denizens of SRKlive-
Ryu - Tofu
Ken - McDonalds
Guile - Steak
Oni - Moon Rocks
Chun Li - Chicken thigh
Honda - Riceball
Sakura - Ramen
Makoto - Energy Drink
Ibuki - Ice Cream
Yun - Salty Cheese
Yang - Cheese
Evil Ryu - Fugu
Dan - Guilty Pleasure
Dudley - Beef Wellington (like a gentleman)
Zangief - AUTHENTIC RUSSIAN VODKA! (can protect the skies drunk)
Seth – Fruity Smoothie Blend
Gouken – Old Radish
Akuma – Tabasco Sauce
T.Hawk – Jerky
Cody – Burger
Adon - Thai Noodles
Juri – Korean BBQ
Sagat – Tiger Noodles
Hakan – Kebap
Blanka – Bananas
M.Bison – Large Ham
[SIZE=13px]Vega - Tapas [/SIZE]
[SIZE=13px]Balrog – KFC[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13px]El Fuerte – Tortilla with Guacamole Dip[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13px]C.Viper – Chickenbreast[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13px]Abel - Baguette[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13px]DeeJay – Jerk Chicken[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13px]Cammy – Glazed Buns (forshame and i will be glazing)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13px]Gen – Raisin[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13px]Dhalsim - Chapati[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13px]Guy - Profound Noodles[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13px]Fei Long – Roasted Chicken [/SIZE]Wing
Rose - Spaghetti
Rufus - Big mac

Let’s not forget that Zangief is AUTHENTIC RUSSIAN VODKA. The only pilot who can drink and still protect the Russian skies!!!

EDIT: SO gonna main me some glazed BUNS

I will still protest that Honda is Chankonabe and have Guy be the Rice Ball.

If anyone was wondering how we came up with something like this, blame El Fuerte for making one guy hungry with his movelist.

and i want extra glaze on my cammy please