SSF4 AE frame data is on SRK wiki

Any of you guys with the mook want to translate the NOTES section, go right ahead. I’ll eventually get around to doing it if no one else steps up. The AE guide looks like it’s a lot more accurate than the clusterfuck that was the SSF4 guide.

Is this legit?

Edit: didn’t realize there was a AE guide

Wow. Amazing stuff Gilley. Thanks a lot.

Any idea if hitbox data is gonna be available again?

I’ve already found something wrong. Makoto’s f+lp is supposed to be 3 frame start-up but it’s listed as 4 still. Very probable there are more frame errors.

I translated most of Yun and Yang. I’ll get that up shortly.

edit: I put Yang’s notes up. There’s some stuff that could still be translated, though.

thanks a lot for this

good, I can get a head start on the twins.

fixed, thanks

oh forgot to mention thanks for the time to do this

Breathless isn’t 1+7 anymore.

Vega’s crouching medium kick should have a 6 frame start up as opposed to the 8 frames listed. I also thought that crouching medium punch, and maybe crouching medium kick each did 60? That’s all I saw that I think may be wrong anyway. Good stuff.

dunno, the AE guide lists it at 1+7. We might have to wait till the game is out to see what it really is. I also noticed a bunch of ultras now say 0+N instead of the 1+(N-1) from the previous games.

Vega info fixed

Excellent work though on putting all the info together.

I think they’re trying to make the distinction between pre and post super/ultra flash. This is really noticeable with Gief’s U1 (1+0, active before/during flash) vs Honda’s U2 (0+1, active after flash)

i got the enterbrain guide and in there it is listed as 1+7. i have the version 48 edition (i think that is it). it doesn’t show evil ryu or oni but it shows yun and yang.

Ok here we go lol

Now Im not sure if this information is wrong or if its true but the frame data on goukens Counter/kongo seems wrong.

1)Its not showing damage for regular kongo?
2)???counter which I asume is EX kongo STARTS UP IN 12 FRAMES LOLOLOL! Active for 10 and recovers in 43?!?!?!?
3) I need answers lollol.

AE blogs only said they changed the button maping for kongo not the damage or frame data for it.

Besides that everything else seems correct. Thanks for the frame data :slight_smile:

They separated the counter animation from the attack animation. The “trap”, if you will, starts up instantly, but the actual attack hits on the 12th frame. The two entries are if Gouken gets hit or not.

the ae guide is really good and has a lot of frames information, not just for moves.

ive translated most of yun’s data a long time ago and shared it (can check yun thread)

HOWEVER, there are still errors but pretty minimal compared to the super version.

and yeah, abel’s U2 isnt 1+7 anymore, plus ive heard he’s also vulnerable at the end of his ex roll… etc etc.

i think theres a page(in japanese) which compiles the errors in the mook.

you got a link to this page?

i dont think the list is complete though.