SSF4:AE Gen - Target Combo 2 to Hands

Did a video explaining how I do it but I was wondering if other people did it differantly.


Yes, I piano hp, mp, lp, lp+mk, hp. My thumb hits mk.

There was recently a discussion about this in the theory fighter thread.

There’s bunches of ways to do it. Just like MK>Hands.

The simplest being, in my opinion…
HP, LP+MK then mash fierce.


Hitting different punch buttons is far too complicated, imo.

Haha, Yeb you make me soooooooooooooo happy. I will do this from now on.

Edit: This has breathed new life in my Gen, being able to punish for 220 easily instead of alot less alot less often makes me so happy sir, and its also nice to have a bnb that uses hands.

I never used hands pre AE lol

Something so simple, bah why didn’t I think of that :frowning: I was actually doing MK hands the whole time. >.<

Agreed, FADC combos are now much easier to do with this method than in normal Super. Also gives my Gen a flashier side with half the work!

I do HP HK then i use the slide method…So easy…almost too easy

I think there is plenty of time to buffer it however you want. I use hp mp lp mk hp hp