SSF4/AE - Jumping In Okizeme


I’ve seen this a few times now on streams. Sweep or throw into knockdown, walk over, neutral jump, and either come down with hard kick/punch into combo, or land and cr. LK into combo.

It’s not a safe jump, and it’s not a specially timed meaty crossup- it just… looks like YOLO.

How exactly does this work? It’s very easy to reversal on wakeup, and a jump gives you all of this time to react to it. Blocking is the cautious thing to do, but a lot of people aren’t cautious.

Is it that if I do an empty jump, I can block right after and have it be safe (given a certain timing)? If so, is that option separate from empty jumping into cr. LK, or is it one and the same?

Is it that jump attack is the unsafe option, and empty jump low is the safe option, and I just mixup between the two? Or are they both unsafe to reversals?

What about crossups? I’ve tried jumping over and faking like I was going to do a crossup j. MK, but instead did nothing, landed, and went for cr. LK.
All I got was thrown for my troubles.

I don’t see how the jumping high-low mixup is supposed to work if the opponent is doing anything but blocking.


You are correct on most counts.

The mixup is between a high, a low and an empty jump. The closer the jump in is too safe jump timing the more ambiguous it is.

The high is the jump-in. Which is beefy and generally most people will want to block this. If you’re not blocking or doing something invincible you’ll eat this. And then die probably.
The low is the mix-up. Since most people want to block the jump in they will eat the low if they stood up to block it.
The empty jump is the bait. As you said both of the above will lose to reversals in some instances. Even if it is a true safe jump they will both eat 3 frame DP. An empty jump will not (quick explanation, a jump in attack has 2 frames of landing lag, an empty jump has 0)

And then whatever else once they’ve been conditioned to not do something in reaction to the mix-up. As you’ve noted it difficult to time a move to beat a throw in the event you didn’t go for the high. Some people take this opportunity to shoryu their face off.

As for the cross-up, this will only really work if your char has the potential for a DEEP cross-up like Cammy. The important point is the timing. You want the potential for the high and the low to be as close as is possible.