SSF4 AE- kicking a bad habit


After learning how to crouch OS I began a habit of mashing crlp+lk like crazy in fear of getting grabbed (I still get grabbed even mashing crouch tech like an idiot) I tried stopping it but that only allows me to get grabbed spammed. I’m I doing crouch OS wrong? How can I stop mashing crouch tech?


How to stop doing anything is actually as simple as starting to do anything else. Make a goal to do something, or not do something. Make an effort to do (or not do) something in casuals. Measure your improvement by the frequency of doing (or not doing) something over the course of the session.

It’s really that simple.

As for whether you’re doing it wrong or not, it’s basically like this:

Just don’t mash. Ever. Unless you have a good reason to. (Tip: if you’re posting here for advice, you don’t.)

To add irony to my answer, in SF4 a good reason to mash tech is that the risk vs reward is probably in your favor against players that don’t know how to punish it. If you’re playing against someone whom does… well, go back to not mashing.

Also, don’t mash.


You should try not to mash it, and instead time your tech.
Try recording Ken in training mode - do a hard Tatsu, and once it’s finished walk up and throw immediately. Then hard Tatsu, and DP immediately after. You can get these in one recording.
Now play back, and let the Tatsu hit you. Then time your crouch tech to tech the throw. Again, let the Tatsu hit you, then time your crouch tech os to block the DP. If you get thrown or hit by the DP your timing is wrong (quite likely you’re doing it too early, the tech is later than you think).
Hope this helps.


Play against someone who does a lot of frametraps, youll stop mashing real quick


A lot of online players (Offline to a degree) have that problem, the best option is to just stop cold turkey and stop being so paranoid about getting thrown. A throw in SF4 doesn’t do very much damage compared to getting hit by a counter hit into full combo.


Actually, I would say his fear is warranted. Throws setup most of the shenanigans/offense in this game. The last thing you want to do is get thrown in this game. Maybe in other SF games its not a big deal, but its DEFINITELY a big deal in sf4.


Instead of mashing crouch tech try to anticipate a throw by paying attention to the opponents (tick) throw patterns. Also the correct way to do the crouch tech is to do them to the rhythm of your opponent’s attacks. But even then I prefer the first option over latter or you could mix them both into one technique.


The vortex thingy is really only relevant at high level play. If we’re assuming he plays at a casual level, the best thing he can do is just block. The worst thing that can happen is getting thrown.


even crappy scrubs on ranked mode do vortex things…


Even at the highest levels of play, getting thrown is generally preferred to eating a counter hit set up. This obviously depends on the match up you’re playing, but this is usually how it is. The only time it really is a better idea to risk the counter hit combo is when the opponent has unblockable options off their throw. That isn’t to say that getting thrown isn’t a big deal in SFIV - getting thrown can be a huge problem against great players. Without those unblockable options though, you are looking at the prospect of getting thrown six to seven times vs. dying in two to three counter hit combos. You end up on your ass either way, and the top 10 in SFIV doesn’t care too much about untechable vs techable - they prefer untechable, but they can still mix you up with techable knockdowns.


vortex mixups are among the most important things in this game, some characters work solely off of the vortex, many other characters have setups that rely entirely on it. Unblockables are great, but thats not all that matters.


Which character do you play? Instead of thinking in terms of crouch tech, think in terms of the combo you can perform starting with (or whatever your crouch tech option is). This will teach you to stop mashing it and instead apply a defined timing. In SSFIV converting something like a crouch tech into a combo is usually called “abare”.


It isn’t just the vortex, some characters have an easy safe jump setup off of a throw. And position wise you always have less options when you are waking up than when you are the one standing. This isn’t street fighter in the 90’s people learn quick and even script kiddies can watch the Ultrachen web show and start doing safe jumps


And again the best solution for that is to block. If you block, you won’t eat a counter hit set up. If you block, you won’t get baited into doing a reversal. If you block, you won’t eat an option select.

I’m not saying to always block, you can late tech throws, but blocking is the safest option.