Ssf4 ae - lets plays

All the lets plays I have done and all one ones I am doing and planning to do!


















Next up

**SSF4 AE - Lets play ??? - Live Commentary NEW POLLS OPEN FOR NEXT CHARACTER

Trying somthing different!

Basicly this is showing you the very first time I try to use the character I am about to play the lets play with, kinda shows you how I start learning the characters and how they work from the first time I try them out!









I will add to this list and keep this as the only thread for all these to go into for easy access and not to clutterup the forums!


watched a whole episode, not bad… your British btw

Yes I am, I’m also human, why’s it matter if im British? lol

Pretty fun to watch mate :smiley: Keep it up!

Thank you very much! :wink: I’m uploading a fie long as I type this. Abel is next haha! :wink:

Haha cant wait tell you get to Juri and Ibuki! :smiley: ill be sure to keep watch.

Ive had a mess with juri but ibuki im clueless on haha! Tbh I was prit clueless on fei long! I just know he’s very strong.

Great stuff!

Yeah man just keep at it though that evil ryu stuff was really hilarious especially that double ko, i had my go at commentating once never did it for any fighters except blazblue once. It was horrible especially cause i ran out of stuff to talk about but you did really well!, and yeah Juri is <3 and Ibuki has some reallly amazing links and stuff and fei is just beast hahaa.

I dizzy people with fie and i don’t even do combos xDD Still I lose alot coz its my first time propperly trying to play him lol.

Yeah haha i get you well cant wait tell the vids up! ill be sure to give it a watch :smiley:

I fail hard :smiley: but the end I redeem myself, I think ;D

i will sub.

im trying to learn bison so i hope these help me :slight_smile:

Fei is up ready for my fail haha!

I have ALOT of old vids on bison you should check em out! I’m gona try to make things easier to find when I have enough free time <3

Awesome Fei Long play mate, the ending was totally pro! enjoyed it ill be sure to subscribe later when i get a chance ^ ^

Subbed! As a complete noob to SF and fighting games in general your two tutorial videos were really helpful. Are you making part three?

I just wanted to make sure you knew, now you won’t forget to get a cup of tea.

Yeh, but the let’s plays are taking front row atm.

Guys should I create a whole thread on my LETS plays? I have 5+ now and It’s only going to get ALOT bigger, what do you guys think? If not I’ll just post them here.

Well you could always change the title of this thread cant you? ;o and keep going~