SSF4 AE Locations

All of this speculation is killing me:looney: I just want to get my hands on the real thing and begin to judge the Ibuki nerfed or not debate for myself. Now the question is when and where does one find SSF4 AE, what arcade, in what city, and for how much. I’ll begin with:

Family Amusement
876 North Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Confirmed from the source themselves that they will have it next week, no idea how much it will cost yet. Knowing LA probably a dollar :sad:

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Confirmed, they (being whomever answered the phone) told me the beginning of next week it should be in.

505 Highway 7 E
ThornHill, ON L3T7T1
(905) 709-7910

Should probably call and confirm arrival date before heading over there…thanks duck.

Japan :slight_smile:

Doubt Canada will have much (if any at all).

Wonder if any arcade cabs end up in the uk… well heres to being hopeful.

Goodge Street should have it soon. They have Taito Cards in their SF4 cabinets… Though I think Trocadero is always first, we’ll see eh.

EDIT: it’s all hush-hush atm

What about the AE update? Anyone know when we are getting it?

Lovegety will be getting 4 head to head set ups… Or so I hear.

Either way it’s confirmed we’re getting it.

If you add the address and when it will be there I will update the first post, assuming you have confirmation from the source.

I didn’t realize this was even the Ibuki forum… haha.

505 Highway 7 E
Thornhill, ON L3T 7T1
(905) 709-7910

According to Google. My source is a million people in the Toronto thread including some people that seem to know the owner. Conflicting info on when we’re getting it though, I’ve heard the 20th but that could very easily turn into 2 weeks after it ships to America.


Apparently we’re getting it at the Golfland here in AZ. I’ll see what’s up sometime and tell you what I find.

It’s the waiting game now, I wonder how crazy it’ll be over there when they get it seeing how the Canada section has like a gajillion sub-Ontario threads for specific areas of the town…

London, Goodge St (Casino!) has SSFIVAE!! woooooooooo