SSF4 AE (New Information ONLY Thread)

Gonna use this thread for only new information with regards to the **ARCADE **version of Super Street Fighter 4. Noted differences, new characters, etc.

Any NON-NEWS in this thread will result in an infraction. :slight_smile:

I’ll start it off.

Via @Gootecks on twitter:

Because the fact that this shit was already posted in all of the other new character/arcade related threads wasn’t enough.

Mostly likely Rolento and Elena/Alex

there’s a good case for both Elena and Alex to be in SF4

Alex and Rolento seem pseudo redundant with the current cast, although still very possible.


I can see the whole Alex=Abel stuff, but who in the game resembles Rolento?

I don’t see anyone else picking up opponents and hanging them with a string, nor do I recall anyone else bringing their buddies out for winposes and ultras.

So this mean we will have our topic to talk about fries, evil ryus, anal sex, Poison in SSFIV, Kanta-Kun’s fakes among other stuff back too?


I hope you guys had your fun. From this post down I am being a dick to people not posting new official info. **Bring the news or STFU.
We have character threads, suggestions and fixes threads for you to shoot the shit about. Go there if that’s what you wanna do.


Loke test video of someone playing single player. Nothing new really except you can clearly see at the end of the video the blank character slots. (EDIT: For those saying the picture is shopped.)

Is it real? Dunno. I lifted it off the homie Big Steve from Seattle, lol.


Ono to reveal multiple things at Comic-Con. Arcade related possibly, so I’m putting it here.

Ono teasing multiple announcements for Saturday : News :

Fake by someone on SRK.

Uuuum, This is rare comic!! I had strong emotion!! on Twitpic

I never seen that artwork of SSF4 before…under the comic…somthing new i guess

Nope, it’s not new. In fact, it’s also one of the XB360 wallpapers that have been out for months.

Is it just me or in video showing the loke test does the game seem to be running faster?
Cody looks alot faster to me, would be great if they beefed up the games speed a bit!

Looks like Alex and Rolento. - Enter New Challengers: Alex and Rolento

I’m pretty sure they are just fan made wallpapers,someone on this forum makes wallpapers similar to that so I guess its him:

Not to mention all the artwork in those wallpapers are from other games.

Day old news, but it has yet to be posted here or on the front page… There’s a **second **picture of the character select screen, showing off the two extra character slots, to help dissuade any “shooped!” naysayers of the first image:

Arcade select screen for SSF4 shows two open slots : News :