SSF4 AE not looking for USA/Canada players at EVO

First of all, here’s a look of the top 16 for the Shadowloo Showdown tournament that is held this week-end in Australia:


[INDENT=1]•GamerBee (Adon)
[INDENT=1]•Kindevu (Yun, Sagat)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]•Haitani (Makoto)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]•Poongko (Seth, Yang)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]•Xian (Yun)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]•Uryo (Sakura)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]•RF (Sagat, Fei Long)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]•Toxy (Akuma, Yun)[/INDENT]


[INDENT=1]•Human Bomb (Yang)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]•Tokido (Akuma)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]•Itabashi Zangief (Zangief)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]•Mago (Fei Long)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]•Mike Ross (Honda)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]•Makoto (Vega)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]•Momochi (Ken, Cody, Yun)[/INDENT]

Total: 14 different characters in this top 16; which is very good !!

As you can see, this roster is STACKED !!! INCREDIBLE !! Justin Wong and Ricky Ortiz woudn’t even made top 16 in this tournament. And all of theses players listed are coming to EVO !!

Mago, Tokido and Momochi are all in Losers Bracket for gods sake !! And the guys in the winners brackets are absolute monsters. No American players comes close to their level of talent right now. Wolfkrone and Mike Ross are the only two that might be.

On top of that, with all the best EUROS out there (Luffy, Alioune, Starnab, Ryan Hart, V-Ryu, etc.) and probably at least 10 more japanese players (Amiyu, Neurosis, Daigo, Sako, Shiro, Bonchan, Tsrai, Fudo, Eita and more) + Infiltration that are coming over, aside the ones we’ve seen at Shadowloo showdown that are crossing the ocean too…

Folks, this is not looking good for the USA/Canada…Overall, I will be EXTREMELY surprise if more than 2 americans makes top 16 at EVO this year and I’m dead serious !!

IMO, Mike Ross, Wolfkrone and Hsien Cheng have the most chance of making top 16, but it will be extremely difficult for them… Justin Wong is not in the Elite class right now…

The Americans will leave EVO this year with several bags of salt in their pocket, book it !![/INDENT]

We’re counting on MvC3 since there aren’t 16 Japanese players who care about that game.

i hope gamerbee does well :slight_smile:

love that chap :smiley:

i agree with that evo is definitely not looking good for usa. i don’t doubt wolf making top 8 tho.

Ouch, did America/Canada finally shoot itself in the foot by just playing with what they got and not exploring other options? Seriously, I think this will go back to what DSP said after Justin was knocked out by gamerbee back in EVO last year, something a bout tiers not important if we learn the character properly. Am quite pleased that Mike Ross is in top 16 in shadowloo showdown with a greatly nerfed Honda. Have a feeling that gootecks was using Fei or Balrog. Haven’t seen stream yet.

Saying justin wouldnt make it and than calling mike ross and co if anyone in the USA can be in top 16 and give them a run for money if he focuses in 1 game its Justin Wong.

your comment about justin and ricky is moronic but ignoring that most of those guys wont even be at evo

In general I would agree with this, but Justin hasn’t been doing great in SF4 tournaments for quite a while now. He consistently places outside of top 8 these days. His status as the undisuputed best sf4 player in the US has to be in question. I think Ricky has a much better chance at EVO as his tournament results have been much better…

For a US player to reach top 8, they HAVE to master one character instead of tier-whoring Yun for 2 months. A US player that plays Yun for 2 months cannot use Yun as well as someone who played him since last year like Daigo does.

USA has great players. But problem is that the most consistent US players in SSF4 received big nerfs to their main character.

Filipino Champ is an excellent player and would have made top 8 if Evo still ran SSF4, but his nerfed Sim in AE can’t handle the Yun army. PR Rog and Dieminion are other top players who could beat international players in SSF4 but had their mains nerfed bad.

I think Wolfkrone and Ricky can make top 8. What do they have in common?
-They play one game and one character since VANILLA
-They were very consistent in this year’s tournaments.
-Their mains weren’t nerfed too badly.

Mike Ross is consistent and dedicated to one character. But Honda got nerfed badly. He still has a chance at top 8 but not if he gets countered hard several times in a row. And with Evo having huge pools its gonna be hard.

Justin Wong will have to choose between AE, MvC3 and MK9. There’s no way he can win MvC3 and still get top 8 in AE and MK9. I think he views MvC3 as the most important game so doubt he will get top 8 AE.

The other US players who dropped the main they’ve used to tier-whore Yun and Yang… no chance at top 8.

did you even see what your wrote OP?

I made the point last year that Evo top 8 wouldn’t be all Japanese simply because of the numbers. US players greatly outnumber Japanese players, it’d be hard for some NOT to make it to top 8. Last year, there were 3 international players in top 8, Daigo, Infiltration, and GamerBee… out of those 3, only one was Japanese, the other 2 weren’t even known at the time (unless you knew about the S.Korea scene or Taiwan scene). But this year, I gotta admit, that I see 6 being international players in top 8, and only 2 from the US (I wouldn’t be surprised if it were all international players, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen). We have to consider that US has really only playing this game seriously for 2 months, and there will be more international competition this time around (still not as much as people are expecting though IMO). I’d like to name Europe as possibility of having a strong showing this year, they get little mention.

Of course U.S will get top 8, if they rigged the brackets…

the EVO organizers better be careful who they let run the fucking brackets. I say let Noel Brown or Justin Wong run the brackets. They seem like excellent candidates. LOL

I havent had a SF hero, but after watching Poongko dominated all them killers, my jaw dropped.

Then I see fuckers say the reason Poongko was owning cuz ppl didnt know the matchup… BUWHAHAH k scrubs.

Hang on I really don’t believe all those guys are coming especially Itabashi who already said he needs a sponsor to go :(.

Edit: Another thing most of those guys need big time sponsorship to even make it over so I say roughly over half of the names on that list will not be able to go unless they either get lots of cash or a sponsor in time for EVO.

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Prodigy (aka Noah) for top 8 at EVO!!!

If you honestly believe all of those international players will make EVO, then you’d be wrong. Even if quite a few of them do, a minority of them will get random’ed out, while top North American players will cruise with EVO seed points.

What happened to the patriotism? Seriously. America will have trouble, but we won’t be totally bodied.

OP is an alarmist.

Canada making top 16 or w/e in EVO for SF4 ? News to me, if not awesome if it did happen.
OP, America isn’t an umbrella term for us as well.
/Canadian rant.

Wait you’re from MTL? I can’t even begin to describe my emotions…