SSF4:AE or... MvC3?

Hi… first off, I apologize if this kind of question is frowned upon here and might be thread-locked. I know this kind of question can inspire heated debate… I did search around but I couldn’t find any thread to my satisfaction.

I have never seriously played fighting games, but I would like to learn. I bought both games on impulse, because that’s how I am lol. But in between real life and table top games, and being tight on money, I’m thinking it would be best to just focus on one.

So, let’s try this… Why do you play one or the other? What do you like about SSF4/MvC3? What don’t you like? Do they play/feel differently? How is online? Is one or the other easier to approach for a new player?

If you like a fast, broken game - MvC3 (disclaimer: broken fun :))
If you like to set the pace of things - SSF4

One’s slow, one’s fast. Street fighter is more footsies / normals / frame traps / low damage / ultras
MvC3 is unblockables / high damage / team building / assists / xfactor (ugh)

Online, both use input delay. MvC3 most agree is worse because things in that game are faster and the netcode seemingly not as optimised as SSF4 (which also has spectator mode).

Easiest to approach would be SSF4. But if you like MvC3 it’s still an easy game to pick up after you figure out the basics.
Pick the one you think you’ll want to invest time into.
I find it hard to go back to Super after Marvel because things slow down a lot. But they’re really different games for different mindsets.

I play both, though I play a lot of things. Why restrict it to one fighter or the other? Still, It’s kinda tough balancing it out with life and all that to take care of, but why not play some of both from time to time.

azproc really explains it best: if you want crazy fast fun, go with MvC3. If you want the equivalent of a chess match, go for AE. Neither is a wrong choice.

You could, of course, do what many of us do and play both. Though if you’re like me, you’ll suck at MvC3 (you’re likely not like me, though).

Just play both. Why do people think you have to limit yourself to one fighting game?

I don’t feel as if its a matter of choosing one or the other permanently. I understand the thread creator’s intention as figuring out which is the better game to start with.

MvC3 is technically newer but just get AE out of those two, would have the better population.

I prefer ss4: AE and here’s why. I LOVE the tempo of AE. It gives you just enough time to react to any and everything, provided you develop the skill to do so. It heavily punishes spamming and encourages the player to learn every trick in the arsenal. AE is easier to learn for a beginner imho…Marvel is just so damn fast. Plus I feel like its tougher to grasp and utilize all the tactics. I stopped playing when I realized that Wesker is the douchiest player of all time…maybe I just bitches out and stuck to my guns. Sorry for the long type but as flashy and as fun as it seems, Marvel is not a beginner’s game. If it were more like Project Justice tho…

the nerd in me says mvc3. i love both mind you, but in mvc3 it great to see all these characters from my favorite games and comics. what other games do you get Dormmamu and X-23?

they’re both fun for different reasons. AE for the 1v1 action & MvC3 for the outright craziness!

Pretty much what everyone else is saying here. I would like to add that SSF4:AE will help you ease into fighting games a little better than MvC3 because it is more (for lack of a better word) traditional in a sense. You can learn concepts like footsies, spacing, combos and execution that are all very important to any fighting game player. Marvel is good clean fun, in my opinion. Its craziness and over-the-top BS will make you want to tear your hair out but you will want to go back for more. I can also testify that I learned how to defend better in Marvel. My blocking has become much better and has transferred into SSF4 which is my main game. I’m not going to advise against playing both games because you can learn a lot from both. What I would say is to place your “learning focus” on one or the other (if that made any sense).

The first response was a really good one. I play both, but mostly MvC3 since I like fast paced, intense action. A disclaimer about MvC3 though, if you get into it, it’ll be a game you LOVE but at the same time HATE. No fighting game imo will get you saltier(you might need to look up the term) than MvC3. But when it’s good, it’s real good. I personally mostly play AE to improve my fundamental skill sets for MvC3, but I’ve found it to also be a game I can really get into. For me, this is how it breaks down:

-Fast paced and intense
-Easier to get into (easy to learn day 1 abc combos)
-More of an all or nothing feel, since one hit could convert to a huge vicious combo.
-A bit random sometimes, which can be frustrating
-Flashy as hell

-Slower paced and more methodical
-More about spacing, match ups(your characters strength/weaknesses vs your opponents), mind games, footwork, etc.
-Matches feel more controlled since there’s quite a bit less randomness

Like others have said though, it’s good to play both, and there’s a good reason most of us play both. If you want to get serious in either game, playing both will improve skill sets that the other would benefit from. Marvel being the faster game would help your reactions, blocking, and quick thinking. AE would help more with strategy, spacing and reading your opponent. I’d learn the basics of both and play both. From there, you can decide what you want to main. Both are awesome and challenging games, just in different ways. It’s up to you to see which is for you.

EDIT: Btw, if you decide to get into MvC3, send me a message on here. I can send you a bunch of helpful links to get you started. I put a lot of friends onto MvC3, so I have tons of helpful links on deck.

If you like more calm strategy - AE - if you like more chaos and combos - MvC3

MvC3 online is awful, AE online is actually pretty good.

However, offline, I prefer MvC3. It feels far less execution intensive, if that factors in to your decision.

Both are solid games, but it should also be noted if you’re trying to take it from low/mid level play to high level.

MvC3 is VERY easy to pick up and do well in, not to discredit it at all, it’s just a chain fighter. For myself I find this fun because I do not need to spend 50 billion hours trying to get a single link down but rather can ENJOY the learning process throughout.
It is however VERY fast paced, so if you’re planning on going into the higher fields of play; expect a lot of stress and it would not hurt to gain anime flash stepping skills to cope.

AE is SEEMINGLY easy to pick up, and at low levels is, but the amount of time you’ll have to pour into it is short of otherworldy. You NEED to know the matchups at mid/high level play, and practicing the links for characters can be anything from a fun challenge, to rage-inducing hate.
However if you’re a chess player at heart then you’ll love the mindgames frame traps and other shenanigans that go into the game.

You cannot go wrong with either, the best way to figure out what you want is to play both since you have both. Find which one you like better, and then roll with it.
Both will have pros and cons, and remember that it’s a game; enjoy it as such :3

Also note…if you pour hours of hours into one of the games, it’s tough as hell to play the other one at a decent level. I been playing SSF4 for about 2 months straight…tried to play MvC3 and i was lost as hell…my reactions seemed super slow. WAYYYYY slower than when I mained the game back in Feb. I turned the shit off and put back in the disc that had Dudley on the front…like fugg it

As it stands now, I think you’ll have an easier time in AE. Learn 1 character and level up your execution, footsies, frame traps, and mind games. When you’re ready to go online, even if you lose, you can rewatch the match and learn from your mistakes, unlike MvC3. Additionally, AE is newer, so players are prone to picking up new characters. The announcement of UMvC3 has likely dissolved a portion of the lower level MvC3 play.

I enjoy both, but for different reasons: MvC3 for the absolutely unadulterated madness that is Marvel, and SSFIV for the slower-paced, methodical chess match.