SSF4 AE OTT: Check your salt at the door


This thread is for the denizens of the SSF4 board to discuss things OTHER than SSF4; movies, books, the tacos you had for lunch, anything goes. Light discussion of SSF4 is permissible, but if you want to get really in depth, take it to the tier list thread please.

Anyway guys, I figured this board needed a thread like this. Most times we’re sound so tight discussing the game we don’t have a chance to build any real community here. And before you ask, Sosage said this thread was ok, so don’t flip out too hard. Kick back and relax a bit, get to know each other a bit more.

UMVC3 OTT I am here in the shadows

So heartstopper burgers with too much bacon are appropriate?


More than appropriate. Sounds like quite and enjoyable way to shorten one’s lifespan in fact.


So…why not just talk about random shit in General Discussion instead of here?


Go ask the UMVC3 forum: They had three of these threads hit th post limit.


Lately I’ve noticed OTT’s have been pretty well received in other sections and act as nice little sponges for everyone’s desire to talk about other shit amongst fellow (fill in game title) players. It helps that this section is seeing a significant drop in jerks and trolls compared to a few years ago when IV was THE new game. Killer_Jigglypuff also isn’t creating it for the sake of boosting his post count or as an avenue to troll the section, which tends to be the other thing I am wary about (fellow Makoto player is auto-trustworthy ;P).

Just keep it classy. Or at least civil.


because the average user wouldn’t last five minutes in GD

I actually almost forgot that, but someone told me to kill myself multiple times and reminded me that your typical GDer will stab you for entertainment


I just got back from a night out. The place I was at is opposite a gas station. A car over there just suddenly burst into flames. They pushed it into the road in case it exploded.


Oh wow. I have a similar story; back in 06 I worked at WalMart pushing carts a car caught fire in the middle of the lot while I was out working. Me and the other guy ran in the store as fast as we could lol. Funny thing was the car was parked right next to one of the cart bind…no way in hell was I going after those carts.


I’ve had to deal with at least three car fires personally and one second hand experience that engulfed the vehicle completely and left only a charred pile of twisted metallic bones. You’d be surprised how easily these things light up.


People forget that cars run on highly flammable liquid with fuel lines running from the rear of the car to the front, next to hot metallic objects, spinning parts, a battery that may or may not contain combustible gas, and a WHOLE lot of wiring, which can easily spark if shorted.



In other news, Ryu replays are fun. The stars are on the non-shoto player’s head for a change instead of pestering everyone’s favourite demon :stuck_out_tongue:


An off-topic thread on an internet forum??? Finally, I can “relax”!!!
Oh god, you don’t know how good this feels!

I get so stressed out when I’m browsing the internet that I just want to let loose!
I hope you don’t mind if I take off my shoes. Oh, that’s better.

Thanks for this.


You come to a video game forum to relax? Have you read some of the shit posted by our fellow members bred in the shallow end of the gene pool? It gives me brain aneurisms.

If you want to relax, play some music, watch some cats on youtube, watch free porn, SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE.


So I was at home and I decided to play some AE…



Man the dude just wants to relax and people are hating on him lol

I suggest you set some cars on fire, lets some steam off and makes a good forum story to people passing by


Having Outback steaks tonight fellas. How do you guys usually order your steaks? I get em done medium myself.


You’re a fool if you accept meat that’s been cooked past medium-rare.


+1 that shit. If YOU order well done, you dunno how to eat red meat. If THEY cook it well done, they’re hiding/compensating for something.


Medium plus myself. Ideal state of a steak is that it would look well done in monochrome but is still red inside.