Ssf4 AE PC noob question


SO how does online play work, do you need to fork out cash to play online, like xboxlive or does it use a different system?

Can capcom digital copys, steam digital copies, direct2drive copies be used to play over the same network?

Noob out


It uses Games for Windows Live. If you bought the game, it’s free. All copies of SSF4:AE can play with each other, regardless of where you buy it.


Sweet thanks


Since we are on noob questions I want some explanation about PP and BP. I played vanilla so I know how BP work.

As I understand now BP are character specific and PP change no matter what character you use. My question is about the PP formula (if any). Does it change the same for every character you use or what?

If not does this means that If I only play ranked with only one character my BP and PP will be roughly the same?

make this an official noob questions thread :slight_smile:


well this is wrong section for a noob question thread, but to answer your question.

PP is your overall skill, your pp will change the same for every character. So if you have 100 bp and you lose 30 pp you will have 70 pp for every character.


thanks for your answer however I understood that. I will try to rephrase with 3 qustions

  1. Is there a complex formula (like your main contributes to your PP less than other chars or you get higher PP if you use many characters etc) or it’s just like Bp

  2. Does the number of chars you play affects PP or it’s just wins and losses. (like If I play ranked with only one character will my BP and PP will be roughly the same?)

  3. Does the amount of PP you gain or loose depends on your opponent’s PP or BP?


this should tell you everything you need to know


thanks a lot mate but in the link it only says about BP not about PP and it’s PP I have the questions about :frowning: