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Do you wish to experience some clan-wars via Team-battles online for PC? if so, keep reading.

At i’ve created a petition to convince thus personell its worth adding ladders for SSF4:AE (PC).

Link to petition:
(Note: You have to be registered to vote.)

Little info about clanbase:

  • Clanbase works worldwide.
  • If the petition gets enough votes there will be ladders for each continent. (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4)
  • They will probably add a ladder for most countries such as Germany, France, Japan, Sweden, United States etc.

Eventually they will most likely host online-tournaments and cups such as Europe Cup for example.
Don’t know about world-cup though, since bad connections.

Since SSFIV:AE doesnt exist yet on clanbase, there arent any rules decided such as "1v1 should be = Best of 3, three times."
feel free to comment some rules that should be added/required, once we get ssf4:ae on clanbase.

Don’t hesitate to pass this along to your sf buddies if you find this interesting!

Voted + will spread the link!

Thanks for the support!

Would be pretty neat, I’d like to try that. :o

TIL people still use the term “clan wars.”

Regardless of if this will be a huge success or not.
I strongly believe its important to atleast have the option to compete clan vs clan via team-battle function.
I can also understand why old-school SF players find this ridiculous, since there never was such an option from the very beginning.
People are always afraid of new things, or simply ignore it because they don’t feel the need.

One thing i’m sure of, If you don’t try it and give it a chance, then why would you?

Its the very same reason why tons of people miss out on Street Fighter, because they don’t give the game an honest chance.

Few hints why you should vote for this petition and make it happen.

  • Its Fun!
  • You can enjoy it with your sf buddies, even more important!

“buuhuhu fun, i’m gonna practise and become pro” But if you aren’t there yet, then perhaps your

  • SF buddies can pinpoint your errors and correct them, or simply give you tips while they’re spectating you.

Ofcourse your friends can do this with a normal endless battle, but eventually you know the fight inside out and everything get so predictable. And i bet you don’t save your replays of failures to show your friends ^^

Anyways, i cannot find a reason that suits everyone.
Its up to you to find when we’ve passed the petition and get our ladders!

Please visit and sign our petition at
Me and many others will appreciate your support!

Thanks in advance!


This petition has been closed, and may no longer be voted on.
Verdict: not enough support.

Thanks to all of you who voted, better luck next time.