Ssf4 ae pp & bp

Enough acronyms in the title?

Can somebody please explain ‘Player Points’ and ‘Battle Points’

In arcade edition underneath each players health bars i’m not sure what the info shown means :frowning:


You get more PP as you win matches, this describe your overall ability as a human player
You get more BP as you win matches with a specific character, this shows how good you are with that specific character

Iduno wtf the 2 new numbers beside the PP/BP trophy are though. Anyone know?

Those numbers beside the PP/BP are your leaderboard rankings.

Thx guys :slight_smile:

Yup, as said before.

PP (Player points) Are like a true skill rank, this changes no matter what character you pick
BP (Battle points) Are character specific

The numbers next to the trophy icons are your standing in the world leaderboards. For instance, if you had 8000BP with a character, it might say you’re 98th next to trophy, indicating you’re 98th in the world with that character. Same goes for PP, but remember this isn’t character specific.

BP and PP aren’t a true skill rank by any means.
Tournament results are.

I agree with J online doesn’t mean much yet i see some players doing anything to get to the single digits.

Yep, best Cody that I’ve seen online is ranked #3 in the world.

Some people don’t attend tournaments, maybe they don’t take the game to a serious level, in which PP can be used as a true skill rank to other online players. It’s an easy way to try and gauge a players skill via their PP. Although, I do agree in that some online tactics such as mashing are much less effective offline, and a lot of the best players I’ve played online don’t even touch ranked anyway.

No, actually, it’s really not an accurate way to gauge somebody’s skill. When you talk about the difference between somebody who might have 10kPP vs somebody who has 200… yeah, then it might be accurate to say, but by in large, it is not an accurate way to gauge somebody’s skill. There are too many variables, between RQs, turbos to a much lesser extent, etc.

Mashing? OK, let me ask… where do you get this shit from?

Not going to bite dude. Everyone has opinions, agree to disagree and that’ll be that.

what about the actual grade next to your name, like b+, c, d, etc. are there set values for when you level up? it actually seems as if it takes into consideration the total number of players using that character, though…

Those are character-specific, like BP.

Each character starts at D rank. Then you get BP from winning ranked matches with a character. You rank up at set milestones, like B rank is at 5,000BP. I’m not sure about all the exact figures.

When you hit a new rank, such as B rank at 5,000BP the point allocation gets stricter. Now, beating D rank characters doesn’t get you nearly as many BP as beating a B or higher rank character.

The points allocation, like with PP, is weighted. A player with high PP gets less for beating a player with much fewer, but the player with much fewer gets a lot more if he wins. That’s how it works with PP and those grade ranks too, (A, B, C etc) but for BP.

If I understand them correctly that is.

Edit: It has nothing to do with character popularity to my knowledge.

thanks so much for that clarification! so it sucks when i see someone b-ranked with 2500 bp…the poor fella.

If you are a d+ player and lose to a b player you lose 1 point and he wins just one pp point. He wins i think 20 or so bp and you lose none. If you win a b player though you win pp (probably around 100, never occured to me) and a few less bp and he loses those points. He has to fight with b players and above for more points. So it is more difficult climbing from b to b+ than from d to c+.

Sometimes though when i play a ranked match and i am disconnected from windows live, when i connect again i see that i got bp and pp subtracted out of nowhere. That happens when i am disconnected just before the match start.
200 pp and bp were lost that way.

grades have nothing to do with pp gain.

determine skill by bp/pp??? i think of myself as a very inconsistent player. i can and do play very well and on a high level, but not consistently. at any given time my player points are seen between 500-1200, lingering 700-900 at most times. i like to put ranked match settings on “more skilled” and i find myself winning about 4/10 ranked matches. i find myself to be triumphant against players close to my player point range often. now when my opponent is in the 1000-2000 range i struggle and win about 40-50% of my matches. enemies ranging 2100-3000+ (in player point department) usually beat me and on a rare but not-so lucky occasion i can defeat a higher level player. it seems to me i’m at a point that perfection (a certain consistency) is lacking in my game. i hope to see the points climb and i remain optimistic about my growth.

looking for a more experienced (or higher tier) player to judge me based on player points. based on what i have posted, would i be an average, or maybe below/above average player? i guess a couple other factors to considers are ; i have been playing super street fighter iv (arcade edition since release) for almost 2 years, and under player data my ranked match win percentage is 50.8%. (i’m satisfied with my ranked win/loss. an online player vs player experience is optimal with a 50-50 win/loss ratio in my opinion…to me it means a match making system is in effect and working well.)

I wouldnt mind playing you but for right now Im only doing player matches. But before all of that are you on 360 or PS3?

But it’s not even a true skill rank online. You can have 1-4k ranked players who play like absolute shit and in contrast, I often play a guy online with no BP or PP because he lives in endless and he’s a fucking beast. There is no true anything in BP or PP.

He must have bp and pp but maybe not using those. If i remove the save games folder will all the bp and pp i earned be reset at 0? Maybe that explains it. So you can have a backup folder just in case.
I’ve also seen people who quit in order not lose points.