SSF4:AE Question for you guys


Hi guys,
Had a quick question you experts can help me with. It is true that Capcom is offering another arcade release of SSF4 in March. To help us asses the whole deal, we are hoping to grasp a clue as to when home console systems could be released with this same game. In other words, how many months could it be expected to last in arcade format only?
Thanks in advance for any knowledge of this.


The rumor is home version comes out as $20 dlc in june


lol, you’re putting the wrong emphAsis on the wrong syllAble.


Hm I honestly don’t know. No concrete info has come out as far as when the update is expected on home consoles. But the rumor I’ve heard is summer/fall-ish.

EDIT-If you guys decide to get it, I’m there! Woo woo wooooo! =D


Yeah everything is speculation right now regarding console release.

It would be great if you were able to get that, I know that I’d try to come out as much as I can to get that machine back in the black (Tournaments would definitely help). We’ll see what everyone else has to say, but if Gameworks gets it then there’ll be competition as to which place to go…it seems like a touchy topic right now especially with MvC3 on the horizon.


Hey bill thanks for keeping hope alive for an arcade ver. I don’t know when dlc is out but I can say that I’ll be spending money once you get it I know I spent a grand when narrows had maxtune 3 before anyone lol but yeah again thanks for updating bill and would you be getting one set up or 2?

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Thanks for the input. I see it’s anyones guess as to how long this would be an arcade exclusive. Argh! makes it a tough call! We soooooo want to keep the arcade gaming alive, but the manufactureres seem to be working against us these days!


I think if you can find a way to have tournaments (bi weekly or monthly maybe?) and have part of the entry fee go towards funding the machine there could be a chance you could be in the black…

Of course finding a way to make Marvel vs. Capcom 3 coin-op like while SSFIV:AE is there would definitely help too…


Hi Bill,

We met at the tacoma auction a while ago, my name is Julian. Anyways, I would STRONGLY encourage you to get some kind of Japanese candy cabinet if you do get SSFIV AE, or if you don’t, to re-do the control panel on the current SFIV cabinet. It would be hard to compete with GW which is getting SSFIV AE, if you have less than ideal controls.

Thanks for your support for fighting gamers!


I have a feeling those controls will all be redone! And the player community would be the ones to be active in planning it all. :slight_smile:


Looking at the front page of SRK, a new SSFIVAE cabinet runs a cool $17,000!


I’m not sure if this means that you’re gonna go ahead and get AE come March, but if you do, thanks a lot. You just gave me a reason to continue playing Super Street Fighter IV.


That’s for the dual TV set up, supposedly they are releasing a single cabinet (similar to the T6 cabinet at Gameworks) for half the price.


Hi Bill,

It seems MOST of us agree that Vewlix button/stick layout/spacing is the ideal, and a lot of us think HAPP parts for durability is preferable. If you go to this page, press CTRL+F and type in “vew” to find the vewlix layout, that is the one we are talking about, and the pic has all the measurements you need.


Yo Julian,

People are posting up suggestions in Suggestion Thread, so that is the best spot to post up what you would like to see in the cabinet.

After everyone has had a chance to make a suggestion, we will compile a list and people will select their top picks from it. From that, we will know what the communities opinion is and we will send a list to Bill.