SSF4:AE - Ryu fireball question

As Ryu, when facing Akuma, I’m having trouble with how to use my fireballs. It seems as though Akuma can just use his 2 hit fireball to blow through my normal ones, winning the fireball battle. Is this the case? I’ve read that Ryu should win the ground fireball matchup here…

Thanks !

Look up Akuma.

The startup on Akuma’s red fireballs (25f) are significantly higher than Ryu’s hadouken (non ex is 13f).

With this in mind, Akuma will never be able to react to Ryu’s Hadouken with a Red Fireball and still have it hit you. Best thing to do is bait the red fireball by using the classic fireball feint trick (people tend to input QCF + LK).

You really want Akuma to be reacting to your fireballs, and not vice versa. You’re gonna have a tougher time that way.

You don’t always have to put up a Hadouken against another hadouken. Akuma’s 2-hit Hadouken (Shakunetsu) is reeeeeally slow to start-up with a telling animation. If you see it, and dont think you have time to squeeze in a hadouken of your own, a neutral jump with a Hadouken on the back of it is a comfortable counter.

Remember you have a 2-hit hadouken of your own in your EX Hadouken…although with Ryu you’re normally best off saving your meter, it’ll still get you out of a tight spot if you need it.

Block and dash to shorten the gap; since the closer you are to Akuma, the more punishable his Shakunetsu is.

Mix up the speeds and spacings of your Hadoukens if you’re playing the fireball game; faster, reciprocating Hadoukens will pressure an Akuma into using his normal Hadouken over the Shakunetsu, while slower, spaced out hadoukens from a distance are more likely to bait a Shakunetsu out.

Yeah, jumping over Akuma’s Shakunetsus is the correct play. Also, try to work your way in a bit - Ryu’s fullscreen game is pretty bad, while Akuma’s is quite excellent. Both characters are good when in the opponent’s face. But Akuma’s control of the far end of midrange (a bit more than sweep range) is actually pretty shoddy. He has good buttons to press at that range, but they’re more for finding holes, not actually claiming space. Ryu’s tools at that range are much more solid and actually claim that space as your own.

Furthermore, Akuma’s normal fireballs and LP Shakunetsu recover quickly but start slow - good far out, less so closer in. Ryu’s Hadoukens start quickly, EX especially is borderline unreactable (12f startup, human twitch reaction time - that is, reaction to anything at all happening, no thinking/analysis involved - is about 11 frames), which makes them much more solid at far midrange than actually far away.

You can jump every red fireball on reaction and get a jump-in combo at the right spacing. Also, his red fireballs have a ton of startup.