SSF4 AE Ryu Match-up Thread

Makoto loves using axe kick to get over fireballs and advance, so try doing fake fireballs to bait a forward jump axe kick and then just focus it for your free crumple. Your buttons beat hers at mid range; (EX) fireball is more your friend in this match than a lot of others. Once she’s sitting on U2 you’ll probably be forced to play her game since she can react to your fireballs. The thing a lot of people don’t realize about Makoto is that while she has overwhelming pressure she is, ironically, pretty weak to rushdown herself.

Is there a way to stop Blanka’s little jab and hop behind me over and over again shenanigans? I mash on crouch tech but it doesn’t always stop him. Dps they can bait out. I also have trouble anti airing him when he’s jumping from really close and is just constantly crossing me up.

Also how do you deal with Hondas that butt slam you on wake up? I never seen any pros do this but when I play people online once they knock me down they start doing hondas buttslam when I get up and I don’t know where to block and dping makes me whiff in the other direction and get punished.

These match ups are supposed to be in Ryus favor right?

Hondas butt slam is free to focus. Once you realize this that gimmick becomes a lot easier to deal with.

With Blanka, yo, sometimes you have to guess… There are things like option selects that can help, but yeah, on block and wake up you have to guess…

Here’s an option select to protect you from cross ups that are not safe jumps:
While waking up, hold all the punch buttons down. As your opponent performs there set up, make a half circle or stop at down back if the aren’t jumping. Time it so that the down back will be inputted as or after they have crossed you up. Negative edge you punches in a piano motion so that a dp would come out if the cross you up. If they don’t cross you up, you will block. You can add a crouch tech to that if you like…

Works against blank cross up balls and hop set ups that aren’t safe (down back version). Works against ambiguous jumps that aren’t safe (full half circle back).

If they consistently force your dp to go the wrong way, simply wait to perform you dp as late as possible so that even though you have recovered, you won’t dp until your character has turned around (not as easy as it sounds).

Extra stuff:
If you want to use the focus vs butt slam on wake up, don’t forget you can plink it by hitting focus than plinking either jab or short.

Having trouble vs honda means you are missing three fundamental ryu things (the rest you will become obvious as you play the matchup): Must Dp all jump ins, know how to haduken properly and learn how to bait jumps with fake haduken motions…

Blanka match up is similar but also requires proper baiting and punishment of the slide, being aware of charge for ex ball when he has meter, and being able to perform max damage because ryu has more opportunities in the match up to perform big damage (like storing meter for super punish of blanka ball or dp a jump in for ultra combo or focus a baited slide into a strong combo and safe jump set up or ect)…

Ran into a Sim player using Ultra 2 and he hit me with it when I wasn’t expecting it cuz everyone else uses Ultra 1. Does anyone know what are Sims set ups with Ultra 2 how I can avoid them and/or bait him into doing it and what to punish it with?

Also is there any way to stop Blanka from chipping me to death with Ultra 2 from a full screen away?

  1. I’ve honestly never fought a Sim who has used Ultra 2.
  2. Understanding Blanka's Ultra

i just wanted to say thanks to everyone in this thread. all the information here has been very usefull and precise on my matchups. keep up the good work! I want to have any usefull information to add here in the future :smiley:

Can you punish any of Sagat’s tiger knees if you block it?

His EX version is -1 on block so that one is safe. His normal versions are all -10 or more so they are punishable.

Usually no, you can’t. Tiger knee has different frame disadvantage depending on the distance sagat does it at. If he does them from right on top of you, you can punish them, but if he’s at the max range it will still hit you, they are safe…ish. You might be able to always punish hk version. I dunno. I don’t see Sagat’s do unsafe tiger knees to often. When they are unsafe, you can see it. He falls longer.

I dont know anything about frame data what does that mean exactly. What do I punish it with?

So essentially what he’s saying is, you probably know this theory based on feel… that if Sagat does HK tiger knee right beside you, there is that lag time where he’s still in the air and hes recovering? Well thats the same principle. Essentially if he’s too close to you and or casts the wrong tk (HK at too close range), you would have the opportunity to punish him because by the time it hits you you will have recovered and he is still on his recovery frames.

In the circumstance where he is at the right distance however, he will hit you at the end of animation (basically right when his knee is coming down) and from a frame standpoint, you will be at a tiny recovery advantage…assuming the frame data at the end of the knee has him at -1 is correct…

(From defensive blocking recovery frames) would put you at like +1. However, our DP is a 3 frame move (essentially it takes 3 frames to come out). Because Sagat is -1 when the distance is proper he will have essentially recovered 2 frames before your shoryuken comes out and if he’s blocking you will get punished.

Does that make sense?

Hopefully I didnt mess that up!

Watched Wao’s Oni body Iperu’s Fuerte by hitting him with meaty tatsu on his wake up. Does this work with Ryu’s tatsu as well? Can Fuertes punish this? Perhaps Iperu didn’t know how to punish it.

Oni’s tatsu his crouching. So no Ryu can’t do this

Damn it. I still dont know what to do once I knock him down. He always gets away with that ex run and then gets a free grab. Tatsu would beat that though since its armor breaking right. Anyone have experience in the Fuerte match up?

Throw him. You can throw him right out of that ex run. Fuerte is a character that dies in the corner. Push him there and his escapes don’t work as well. Keep in mind, though, his armor is replenished when he hits the wall and runs back towards you. Meaning, in the corner he can absorb like 3 hits lol. It’s silly. But he can’t run away from the throw.

Fuerte can be safe jump/OSed on wakeup, right? Or does his run beat those as well?

I’m sure there’s something like that you can do, but a normal OS won’t work. His run will absorb your attack which is the same as him blocking it. A normal OS won’t come out.

Its a reaction thing unfortunately. You’ll have to learn to react to hitting focus on his wake up the same way you do when someone tries to AA you with focus and you land into a dp. Its not actually that difficult, but unless you go into training mode and put some time in, you’ll be suffering. Just do a regular os and if you hit focus, you can do hurricane and sometimes throw (I miss and hit throw a lot, I’m not sure how it works. Maybe your jump has to deep, idk…) on reaction. His backflip throw has inv frames so if you notice fuerte starts doing that you can jump forward and j.strong to ultra punish on reaction to hitting his focus on his wake up. Be aware that he does have the option to counter all this by just wake up focus, absorb your air hit, release, and counter hit your next attack. Good fuerte’s use damn near everything in the book so be aware of what they are doing. Another thing they can do is simply stop and crouch the hurricane, but it has some slight recovery and tends to get hit a lot if you are on point with your reactions. Try to notice if they have meter or not, that should help you out a little too… Personally, I hate fighting fuerte, but since I tried to use him when they first discovered run stop fierce, I kinda know what he lacks as a character and can help out anybody who has any questions.

Is there a way to beat or avoid Dudley’s thunderbolt move when he’s trying to chip you out?