What do you think of the changes so far? I’m surprised they nerfed him again. Not being ble to escape corners with j.tatsu is pretty significant nerf when you think about it. I wonder if they will buff him in other ways at least. Maybe give him jodan kick xx U2 :karate:

That one kind of hurt, I used that whenever the opportunity calls for it. This will change some of his matches, like the one with Gief. Hopefully there are more changes that are for the better. I don’t think he needs more damage, but I’d love it if they did give him the Joudan kick. This version of Ryu can already do it in SF x Tekken, all they need to do is enable it for SSF4: Arcade Edition. It’d be great if we can get another tool to use.

Looks like Ryu will have major problem in corners against Zangief and Balrog.

I think he got nerfed too much.

I think its a good thing , I feel like I am cheating when I am simply escpaing with an air tatsu when an oppoent
has work his way to push me in the corner. Personnally I think all the changes they made to Ryu from Vanilla
to SSF4 were very smart and fair.

lol a lot of characters could punish the tatsu escape if they anticipate it. If they buff him in other ways then fine. I hope they make his dp more invincible like it should have been. Jodan kick will make him more fun to use and add diversity to his plain set of moves

If this stays it will hurt Ruy a lot in some matches imo.

I’m a Honda/Zangief/Balrog player and honestly the only way for ruy to get away from me wen hes cornered is air tatsu.If he doesn’t get out the ruy player almost always loses.

This change won’t hurt akuma as much.He has teleport tho.

I think you will still able to escape with an air Tatsu but you will have to be smarter about it.

L2Block like hmmm, I don’t know, everyone else who can’t just escape the corner for free.

Exactly , I dont see why Ryu should have an easy way out of the corner. Pushing someone to the corner , should
give you a positional advantage.

Urghhhh… lack of aier tatsu is kinda shit but end of the day peeps are just gonna have to be smarter and more aware of spacing. I cant actually think of the last time I used air tatsu to escape anyway so I dont much care but… with Akuma still having his teleport n shiz n already being above Ryu in tier… well… I just hope he gets a nerf so its not 1 sided, and the same for Rose Balrog and, yah, Abel (who are blatantly much much stronger than Ryu already.)

Disclaimer for douches : i said theyre stronger than Ryu not cause I lose to them, which i dont, just cause its fecking obvious if you look at their moves compared to Ryu’s

well here what needs to be changed for ryu:

  • give his fireball to super fireball trap again. so lame they took it out
  • make his shoryu one hit again, dont know why its two
  • give him 3S mule kick and ex version wall bounces so you can full animation U2 off it. have to be ex mule kick tho so its balanced
  • make his forward mp overhead comboable with something. pref shoryuken so you can fadc ultra
  • make it so when you from max distance, ur fireball still combos. so many times i at max range, throw fireball and it doesn’t combo. usually balrog headbutts through it. BS
  • make fireballs more powerful. 1.5x or 2x more dmg
  • make lp hadouken armor break. only lp hadou so its not broken. mp and hp shoryu can still be focused
  • more invincibility on his shoryu across the board. its lame than an ANTI AIR gets beaten/traded with some crappy jump in attack
  • ultra 1 (metsu hadou) needs like 3-4 frame startup so u can use it as a viable punish
  • solar plex punch have faster starup. its too damn slow
  • make his tatsu safer. either safe on block or -1 on block

hes been nerfed too much. these changes will put him back up into high/top tier so he’s viable once again

^ you are joking… right?

^ this.

basically, you wanna make ryu even more scrub friendly. and lol at ryu not being viable. did you 4get who won evo? and ryu usually always place decently. and some of the buffs you’re asking for is just pretty damn retarded.

p.s: if you’re being sarcastic (please be it so) i deeply apologise. if not, then wow.

Are you high??

I just wish his DP traded less with jump ins.

u noobs got trolled rofl

Ryu is fine. But his Air Tatsu Escape nerf is just horrible. Ryu’s Foward+Fierce needs to do less stun thats my opinion cuz its automatically 200 stun with any combo he does and it looks like its easily comboable but I dont play Ryu… ever…

Akuma and Ryu need that Tatsu Escape because Corners are just horrible for shotos unless they are cornering the other characters.