SSF4 AE Sagat Thread

Thought I’d start the official AE joint to discuss peoples experiences in AE. How do you like the changes in the King? How does he stack up with the other char changes? How is he faring against the new opponents?

Played just over an hour today, got up to #66 in the world and #15 in North America in BP, ill enjoy that for the hour that lasts.

LOTS of Yuns, but no one knows how to play him yet so its not that bad. Really, rushing the twins down is the best plan, they don’t have great reversals, so getting the knockdown and keeping the pressure on seemed to work good for me. Don’t know why anyone would play evil Ryu over akuma. Oni and E. Ryu really aren’t that bad to fight,'gat has enough life that he can get his opportunities, and on E. ryu especially, they hurt BAD.

The strong uppercut feels fantastic, actually does some damage and hurts opponents for lazy jumps.

Yang is giving me trouble but Yun/E. Ryu & Oni are matchups where I feel I sort of have a better idea what to be doing.

Yangs duck under SRK thing is kind of annoying as hell. I see him roll into it and I don’t know the proper reaction.

Just block?

And rush down the twins you say?

You can hit/throw him during his roll. Soon you’ll see that Yang is just as full of rubbish as Yun.

Callin it a night. I go to bed as the number 1 gat on psn and ranked 9th in overall points. I won’t comment on matches yet cept to say Rose is now super free and the blanka match is now super lazy since you don’t even need to be paying attention to kara tu regular balls on block.

Gat isn’t amazing. It’s just relative. He got just enough to get a little boost and the nerfs to the other chars did the rest of the work.

Yeah , Sagat has been buffed just about enough and other characters have been nerfed just enough to make him a viable character. I played too many Yuns online although only two stood out as good and showed me how stupid he can be. I dont think its too much of a bad match up though.Safe 2 hit tiger knee works on Yun , also back throw tiger knee set up works on yun and it crosses up on him too. There is one thing iv noticed though , LK tiger knee has definitely been tweaked , the range has been changed , if this is a buff or not im not sure, I gotta get used to the tiny amount of extra range , also it feels like his lk knee got a tinyyyyyy boost in advantage on block. but thats about it for now. No other major changes to note , I dont feel forward HK is that much faster .

Sagat is no different but it does feel like some over the top things from other character have been toned down. That said a poke away you character like Cammy, Sakura, or Ibuki is still to eventually open you up a take more damage then you can ever get back by setups and spacing. This is game filled with high priority poke characters with moves that go cleanly under over or through fireballs. Here is Sagat slow limbs, not good close combat, and trying fireball someone to death he sticks out like a sore thumb with this cast of characters.

In SFxT it looks like they made tiger knee a juggle so theres that to look forward to.

Learn to hit stand forward.

I R hit stand forward. I mean I get my wins but when see characters teleporting around the around the screen all the time…well I get teleport envy.
I want movement something make Sagat less boring and predicable

I got a new one tore into me by an lIbuki user last night. It was laggy but still couldn’t setup anything, nor avoid that damned kunai vortex.

You could always kara TS. It’s not used all that often, and combine that with false kicks and you get a lot more to play with. You can also FADC both the leg sweep and the High kick before the action.
Mix those in and Sagat becomes more or less predictable in the right hands.

man, AE is quickly becoming ssf4: rushdown edition. not gonna lie, had an awful showing with the king today. the twins and e. ryu are just balls out offense, and once they get in, anything i try and throw out gets stuffed. Had problems with e. ryu, bc he can hold his own in the fireball world, and has the best of both worlds (ryus c mk and akuma’s fast sweep). while you only gotta guess right a few times due to super low health, once he gets inside finding a good offense that isn’t high risk (psychic dp’s, reversals) is eluding me.

Fucking twins, Yun damn near jabs me to death before i can get any kind of spacing/zoning going. Fights against cammy’s & ibukis make me feel like the king has become a slow moving gigantic target.

I realize I need to be smarter with my buttons (including being more patient with blocking instead of trying to stuff it with better buttons). just get frustrated, especially when chars with great buttons get a life lead and try and lame me out, 'gat seems hard to turn on an offense that isn’t a jump in followed by a throw, well spaced tiger knee, or tigershot fest.

However, i also feel like everyone playing online right now is pretty damn good as the PP spread hasn’t really gotten wide, and the most hardcore are the day 1 upgraders.

sorry, trying to not be whinefest, only been playing for a year and I’m really trying to get better, and realizing autopilot sagat isn’t gonna cut it, i gotta up my game.

Hope you doods are having better luck!!!

European PSN was pathetic, i could count by my fingers the decent players i found, even came across a few #1 of some characters, but nothing advanced, solid combos and shit but it was just painfull this first day.

Overall, i still love the king and i love him even more now. Seems all that hardwork trough super payed trough.

The highest level players for the most part of shitty ass connections. The highest ranked player is a blanka and holy shit lag tactics out the ass. WE had one bar so I couldnt do shit. The number 2 is ViperGomb a gouken player and it’s more of the same. If does an empty jump into back throw Ultra like come on now really? shit is lol.

It’s ok though. I don’t adjust for online. I just play the game as if the nigga was sittin right next to me. That’s how you wil get better and niggas online will only get good at online.

Online is shit imo. I rarely play alot of it anymore since I starting to play offline with my local scene and traveling to tournies. I feel like I got 10x better traveling a little bit and competing against other really good players. not saying you can’t get good online. But offline is soooo much better.

I learned 10x more at a local tournament in one day than I did in the entirety of owning the game on my own. Quoted for truth.

I don’t mind fighting the online cheaters too much but do you really need to lag the game AND use Guile isn’t that a bit overkill. Just thought I’d mention Gouken seems improved if you want try an alternative to Sagat.

Lag definitely sucks tremendous balls. I can’t tell you how many recent games I’ve ran into stupid shit because of it. Emblem lord is right though, those online usually are only good online. It’s way more fun to play against somebody you can punch in the face that is sitting right next to you.

Me personally since I played Sagat since vanilla and up. He hasn’t change much from super. He was good in super but other characters needed nerfs. The game seems more balanced in AE and Sagat having more dmg TU is a plus. Yun/Yang isn’t that bad of a match up. Play 3rd strike a little and see how much scarier they were back in the day.

Anyone past C+ yet? I’m at C+ on Xbox live only B level I see is Rambo