SSF4 AE Sale on Xbox Live

Anyone purchase this for 600 points? I just did but now I can’t play it. Don’t tell me you have to have the original super street fighter 4 to before you pay 600 points to upgrade, what would be the deal?

Called xbox support, and they were 0 help. they said the full game Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition is $29.99 but the update Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition is 600 MSP. Did I just get ripped off by microsoft/capcom? The article I read about the sale said “Included in the large list of gaming content, you can purchase the full Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition game”. I asked xbox live support how I was supposed to get the old game in order for my 600 point update to work and they didn’t know, they said I could buy the game for 29.99, but then wtf was the point of spending 600 msp on SSF4 AE?

I think that you did the mistake by buying the AE update, which is made for SSF4. You didn´t bought the stand alone version of SSF4 AE. Therefore you are needing a copy of SSF4.

standalone version wasnt even listed for msp.

dat Fail !!! facepalm

Not sure but you might be able to just buy a disc copy of the game and be able to use the update pack that you bought or, you can try contacting microsoft support again and seeing if they would refund your purchase and instead spend the money on the full game. I bought Arcade Edition on the PSN ages ago for $30 and I know used copy are only about $17. (Though you really should support the game) If push comes to shove stores tend to have an abundance of copys of SSF4 discs. But again, try talking to support to get a refund so you can buy the full version as they tend to be pretty open about mistakes like that. I know I had an accident happen on the PSN where I bought the wrong thing and they refunded me no problem.