SSF4 AE Spectator mode Freeze problem - please help


I have been suffering through this issue for a few months now and it’s driving me crazy. I play on PS3 and often when my friends and I play the PS3 will totally freeze during spectator mode. In the past when there were connection issues the person would end up back in the lobby or it would at least send us back to the endless battle screen. That is not what is going on here. The system literally locks up and my only recourse is hitting the power button. The home screen won’t even come up. I would appreciate any help possible since this is making the game hellish.

It is worth mentioning that I am not the only one in the group who gets a frozen screen. It seems like it happens at random to one player in the group and they will have to restart their system.

I have a nat 2 setup with direct wire to router. My ports are open. I tried multiple routers myself as well as some of the other players.

My ps3 is about 1.5 years old.


One thing worth mentioning is in the past year my cable provider replaced my modem with a “better” modem. This one has some sort of on-board router. my wireless router is plugged into it, and my ps3 is plugged directly into the 2nd port of the modem. I am not sure if this is causing havok, but my buddy who is in IT evaluated both and says I should be fine.

Even when I am plugged directly into the wireless router I experience this problem.


It could also be your ISP


But would my ISP cause other people to have system freezes ?


Depends on the net code (especially if its sloppy net code), it could be one of the other players
Or it could just be crap servers and crap netcode for the game

Check out your internet speed at


my internet speed is 9 upload and 28 download.