SSF4 AE & Tekken Hybrid for PS3, Capcom shot glasses, Chun-Li statuette and LAST TE KEYCHAIN!

Have some good stuff, i think its getting lost in all the other junk i am selling in my other thread.

Ok, here is the Capcom stuff i have for sale!


Used Tekken Hybrid & Super SFIV AE both used for PS3, both $30 each - Tekken & SSF4AE pics

Extremely rare set of Capcom shot glasses. Street Fighter, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Mega Man & Final Fight. Never been opened. Mint condition. $100 obo.

Very Rare SF4 Chun-Li Limited Edition Statuette. Still brand new, mint/immaculate condition. $50 - Chun-Li pic

SF4 headbands ($5 each) & SF4 arcade stick keychains ($15 each; only Chun & Sim left) - SF4 headbands & keychains pic

SSF4 Thumb Fighters - 4 per set, $20 per set - SSF4 Thumb fighters pic

Tatsunoko vs Capcom USA & Japanese versions, mint. $40 for Jap, $20 or USA - TvC Game Pics

Tatsunoko vs Capcom Trading Cards - stack of cards with 2 unopened packs ($15) - TvC cards pic

SF4 Vanilla Collector’s Editions Ryu figure- $5 - Ryu figure pic

Street Fighter 4 (vanilla) Xbox 360 faceplate & console skin pack (skins are folded, not 100% but usable; faceplate is immaculate) - $8 - SF4 360 pack pic

Resident Evil 5 Laser Film Cell - $5 - RE5 cell pic

USED Chun-Li TE keychain (no keyring & ball top tip has paint worn off. Still have tool etc) - $12- TE keychain pic

Mad Catz Chun-Li TE Keychain, I will take it. You have a PM!

I forgot to add in the thread it was on hold. sorry!

Couple price drops

Sold the Mad Catz keychain. Gotta sell this crap! hit me up with a deal!

interested in the ties that bind blu ray if still available

its yours. PM me.

sending pm

Found another brand new still sealed in plastic Mad Catz Chun Li TE keychain w/ hex tool.

$22 shipped. I’ll post pic asap

got some more Capcom goodies coming asap too. Stay tuned for this!

Sold Ryu stick keychain; added some stuff!!

I want that Chun Li Key Chain.


and sold a couple head bands.

Sold TE keychain.

Re-made OP with less big pics and added SF4 vanilla Ryu & Viper figures

sold the Viper figure

Found another Chun-Li TE keychain. bundled with a SF4 headband!!

PM Sent for Keychain and Headband.

Chun-Li TE keychain w/ headband sold!!

Price drop on the shot glasses & TvC cards.

Hell, buy BOTH TvC games together, get the cards for free.

Added SF4 vanilla 360 faceplate & console skin pack.

ALSO: Buy both TvC games and save $5 on them together AND i’ll throw in the opened TvC cards (not the sealed) in there as well for free.