SSF4 : AE Timing

I have a question i would like to ask the forum, I bean doing a lot of training in trail mode to find the charter that is right for me at the moment i play Cammy, But it seams that my timing is off a lot for example I want to learn Makoto but when I do her jump HK > stand MK > M Hayate the Hayate is always blocked by Dan.

So is this down to my timing ? is there anyway to improve?

When doing a true combo in training mode a block means the move was late, and if the move doesn’t come out at all, it was early.

The timing is probably more strict than you imagine. I know its a simple answer, but go into training mode and put in some time practicing the combos until you get them about 8/10 times. Then you can move that combo into field testing in endless mode to see if you can pull it of under pressure.

Offline timing is much more precise, but if you don’t play locally, that doesn’t matter for you.

Other tips:
Hit up the character specific forum and ask for some execution tips.
Watch some videos
Turn on inputs, sometimes this can help clear up what exactly you are doing and can iron out and odd execution tendencies.
Hit fewer buttons. Hit only the buttons you absolutely need to!

I think i understand now, like you said it is down to my moves are coming late I know i am hitting the right buttons just my timing is off by a couple of millie seconds, I don’t play a lot offline unless i am at friends house.

So it looks like its just down to practice practice, Thank you