SSF4:AE - Training set up for teching throws?

I have been playing SF4 since it came out (and SF2 since it came out) and I flat out suck at teching throws in SF4. Either I a) don’t tech and get thrown or b) try to tech and get counter hit.

I never had this problem in 3rd Strike or Alpha. Whats different about SF4?

Are there some good ways to set up training to help me get this down? Perhaps some recorded attack strings in training to practice defending against?

In my opinion, crouch teching effectively just comes with experience and the number of matches you play. You can try and setup similar situations in training mode, but it might not necessarily improve your timing in a real match. I guess the key is to just look for patterns, crouch tech in time with the opponents hits. Teching too early or too late and it won’t work. Also, be wary of your opponent’s frame trap setups. These are designs to catch mistimed crouch techs, so that they may land a counter-hit combo.

Capcom intended teching to be very hard (Ono loves throws.) Evo finals there were 5 throw attempts total. Only 1 was teched. So dont get on yourself if you cant. Some people say its better to get thrown than to let your opponent get a counter hit combo (read balrog 10+ hit.) The problem is most guys I play are perfectly happy to throw you over and over again if you just let them.