SSF4 AE Vega Changes

Just making a thread for this as it doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere else.

Based on what I’ve read so far most everyone is getting fucked royally. Here’s hopin that Vega makes it through ok.

Seems to me that the characters that got buffed the most are getting their toys taken away from them.

Any way, post here if there is anything ya’ll find out about Vega in AE.
That way we’ll have all the new info in one spot…not scattered all over the site and threads.

watch capcom is going to fuck up Vega. oh wait they already fucked up Seth and Zangief. hahahahhhah.

What is this about a SSF4 patch? Where do I find out info on this for other characters?

front page.

I’m calling it first; to compensate for Seth’s lost Sim arms Capcom’s giving him a penis.

“Vega : Ex flip kick = viable reversal now.
Less damage on ex wall dive grab.”

… Why on earth does Vega need a damage nerf ._.

At least EX Flip Kick actually has invincibility frames now. I just wish it could FADC too.

I’m just worried it’s a significant damage nerf. And for these guys to notice it mid-gameplay, I’m thinking it must be.

I like the buff on EX ST though. That I can get behind.

I wish he could do light kick scarlet terror (AA juggle)> Ultra 1. That would be awesome. Also we can now punish blocked Blanka ball with cosmic heel and slide, I hope.

coughhe already has an Astral omnipresent peniscough

I think the only real buff vega is getting is becoming a post-op.

fuck all. They better not have put invincibility frames on EX Scarlet Terror. I’m not believing this crap till I see it myself. Anyone remember “ex off the wall no longer goes through opponents”? Yeah.

I really don’t know what to think about this.

NOO why less dmg on my ex FBA :frowning: and after I just perfected the cross up too… he better get some real buffs somewhere. I didn’t really care about I frames on Ex ST anyways…


Seriously I would’ve preferred they left him how he was instead of that shit. He needs that damage on EX FBA, He’s fine without Invul frames on EX ST…Christ >_>

and Kanta, do your best to not put that thought in my head XD I’m sure the guys here could do without me having more ammunition to make them vomit :'D

TBH i think you guys are being a bit dumb… I-frames on Ex-ST is pretty damn good… think about it. It’s another wake up option against overly agressive Cammy/Rufus/Ken/Balrog(s). I’m hoping it comes out fast enough to stuff jump ins now though as well. How many times have you done an ST of some sort only to be cr. lked out of it? A lil dmg nerf on ex fba is fine with me. Most of my dmg comes from roll combos/scarlet terrors and kara throws anyhow.

Good players never get hit with FBA anyways. No big loss.

kinda lame that they nerfed, but yeah im not believing anything until I see it, because I do remember the whole EX SHC not going through opponents bit.

Well we have a ‘‘gtf off me’’ move now, right? With ST’s arch it should be pretty damn good too.

To be honest the damage reduction can’t be that bad, right?

And now we have two wakeup options/fb punishers. Vega may have lost some damage but i think he was already regarded as someone who did quick damage. So this doesn’t make him weak per se, but just more well-rounded.

I like this, alot. Unless of course FBA does like 50 damage. But that can’t be the case…right? ;_;

Humpski there is such a thing as hit confirming into fba
People always get hit by it

Same argument as usual. I agree with rugal and fp. Invinc is a buff but that doesn’t make it a necessary one. Vega is a mid tier character: very well balanced. Invinc would make grapplers mega free for Vega considering how bad they already are against Vega. Then again there is my usual argument of what shadow OS would patronizingly label flavor. Yes I argue in favor of flavor. Ex st = sitting on your ass mashing c mp then boom beat jump in clean. TThat is mega lame.

The damage nerf? Uhh no thanks hopefully there’s some compensation. Then again this is a loke test only. Like rugal said… ex shc…

Guys, really quick, but cr.MP xx ex.FBA > Izuna drop hurts. They just nerfed the izuna drop, right? You can still make it hurt with the claw.

watch since they gave him invul frames the start up or recovery frames on that move are increased. Fuck you capcom. Just when i started doing something with ST. And if Izuna drop wasnt hard enough to land, now it does shit damage. They better give him a better drop to make up for the damage nerf