SSF4 AE Xbox 360 Online Tournament Sign Ups!

Hello there everyone. My name is RaiShaun Younger but I go by Kid Young or TazR.
Lately I’ve been showing a lot of interest in fighting games, more so than ever. I was a competitive Call of Duty player but now I am making the switch to all fighting games. However, I’ve been wanting to see the best of the competition. A group of friends of mine are getting together and we will host a tournament. The prizes are still undetermined and the date and time is to be determined pending on entry’s. Here is the official Sign up form. In order to sign up for the upcoming tournament you must give the following information.

Main Character:
Email Adress:

These will be used for things such as postering and making sure the information is being given.

The best suggestion I can offer for you to do this is to make is region specific and if it’s in the US select a part of the US that will participate. The last thing you want is people in WA playing people in FL.

If you’re new to SF4 online, to put it simply you can’t afford to have Any sort of lag compared to Call of Duty online where you can manage even if the connection isn’t perfect, definitely make this region based as Shinebox suggested to minimize the amount of lag as much as possible.