SSF4:AE Xbox Controller


I have been playing SSF4 for some time now (about 6 months in total). I was wondering what you guys think about the xbox 360 controller? I know its a horrible option for fighting games and i should get an arcade stick but i cant afford one right now (please do not link affordable sticks, i already have one in mind and almost have the money for it). Should i use the d-pad or the analog stick on the xbox 360 controller? I main sakura and use the analog stick and i like it more than the d-pad. Now, i am trying to learn ryu/evil ryu and the d-pad is a lot easier for the shoryuken FADC U1. I can do it on both the analog stick and d-pad but the d-pad feels more smooth and has a higher execution rate for me. But, i feel i am better with the analog stick with sakura. What do you guys think is better? If one of the two is statistically better, i can always train myself to get used to it. Kinda in a dilemma =S.


Use whatever you feel more comfortable using.


DPads are generally considered far inferior to analog controls for fighting games for a variety of reasons, lack of precison being a major one. The xbox 360 pad is so garbage for fighting games that investing time relearning execution on the DPad probably isn’t worth your time, especially since 360 DPads are so garbage it’s shameful that MS ever released them as a product.

tldr: save up and get something better


I’m new to the game too but I’ve done a fair bit of reading - so my opinion:

I don’t think anyone can prove ANY way is better.

More popular yes, but whats better depends on the person. Only YOU can answer this question.

Have you modified the d pad? Pretty easy to do and helps a bit with the d pad - google it for instructions.

That said I found at first I could only do Ryu Ultra on the 360 pad stick but with practice (and modifying the d pad) I could do it with the d pad.

I found the dpad (once modified) quicker and more accurate than the stick.

Feeling you play better with Sakura with the stick is probably just because that’s what you’re used to.

I’d pick one and keep using it for a while and see if it feels more natural with time.

I guess if you practice and cannot ever get 100% consistent with moves (or close) then maybe you need to use some other control method - but if you can then don’t worry about it.

However even though when I modified the d pad it got better I still wasn’t happy with it so I got a Madcatz Fightstick Pro for £50 from the dabs ebay store so if you’re in the in the UK and were thinking cheap was £100 to £150 then just know you CAN get them cheaper.


absolutely use the analog stick. 360 pad user here


D-Pads are actually considered to be the superior choice in terms of accuracy and speed. It physically requires more time and effort to replicate complex motions on an analog stick. Of the 100+ pad players I’ve met, I’ve only seen 4-5 of them play with the analog stick, and all of them were using the Xbox pad or similar (like the AGE pad which uses the Xbox layout), where the D-Pad is in an awkward position.

As you said, the 360 D-Pad is shit, but that doesn’t mean all D-Pads are. It’s much more difficult to pull off demanding TK and microdash combos on an analog stick. The best solution is to get a new controller with a better D-Pad and use that.


Thanks for the tips everyone.


What kind of controller D-Pad? The one on an xbox controller has the d-pad as one unit (one button that u click the sides on). Should i get a controller with a D-pad like those of a playstation controller (four separated directional buttons)?


Those are usually the most precise, although the Saturn pad uses the disc design and it probably has the most accurate D-Pad of any controller. The reason why the 360 pad sucks is because it uses one big clunky rubber disc as opposed to individual pressure points.

I always recommend the PS2 or PS4 pad + adapter, the PS2 pads are cheap and easy to find. Most knockoffs won’t have the same quality.


D-pad design peaked with the first-gen SNES controllers and Saturn pads.


Use the analog stick on 360 pad. Its what I do and I have better execution than some people that play stick.


It might have been my controller, but I’ve had a very bad experience playing SF4 with an Xbox 360 controller. No matter how precise I was, the input commands would come out wrong. Give it a shot though. It might work better for you. Oh, and I was using the d-pad, not the analog sticks.


quick question. I noticed that some pro players use controllers over arcade stick (Smug & Alioune). Does anyone know if they use the analog stick or d-pad?




With the X-Box 360 pad? I would imagine the analog stick, since the Dpad is just awful.


It’s completely possible to use D-Pad or Analog. Until maybe last month I used the 360 controller and I did fine. When I got a stick I fell in love with it immediately. Some people say it took them weeks, while I was playing better than ever just a few days later. Maybe it’s because Balrog was my main idk. My only problem was qcf, which I got done in a week.


People use analog for fighting games!!! Sacrilegious. I don’t think you could pull off the old SNK world heroes style controller movements fast enough on analog, though most games nowadays don’t require complex stick motions so it might be a moot point. Even if you can get away with it or perform better with analog…I dunno…it just feels… dirty.


EDIT: just realized I already posted here


CORN DevilChipp using the analog stick on an Xbox360 pad


There’s a lot of godlike players that use regular controller