SSF4 AE2012: Sucking big time



sorry for the uncertain title, but i just dont know how to call it otherwise.

Here is my problem:

I picked up SSF4 at the Steam Summer Sale, since i was looking for a new game to play competitively. I’m completely new to fighting games.
So I kinda looked up everything I could find for beginners: guides, video tutorials and all that stuff and i think i got a lot of knowledge in the past two weeks about the game in general and I really start liking the game, its much more technically as i thought.

I can shoot fireballs consistently on both sides and all that stuff but I just can’t make it work in real matches. I guess my biggest problem is spacing.

I have played like ~30 hours now (including training sessions) and I still suck big time at the game. I know 30h is not much and im aware that i probably have to spend the next 6-12 month to get to a decent level, but I get completely destroyed on all online matches. So i started playing Arcade Mode and I can’t even finish it on Medium Hard. I probably can learn more online but in my mind I should be able to beat the AI on every level, right? So I dont really know what to do, if I should keep playing Arcade till I beat the AI or just go Online.

I read that the first few months are really hard and a lot of people give up on the game. i dont want to do that, but its pretty frustrating when you cant see progress in your play whatsoever.

So if you have any tips on how to get over these first few months or if you just have some motivational words for me, please leave a comment.

Thanks in advance

  • A (desperate) fighting game beginner


No, the AI will make you worse at the game. It jumps recklessly so you’ll try to pre-emptively uppercut, which works great on computers and all, but is awful online. They’ll also read your inputs at any level and counter with a reversal or even an Ultra. It can be better sometimes just to play against a training dummy set to block randomly.

First off, it takes years and a lot of competition to be good at a fighting game. So it’s not about being good, because you aren’t going to have amazing spacing and consistent execution until you’ve been playing against some actually good players for quite a while. You have to set easy goals first, like land a combo without needing to hit with focus attack or jump-in. If you want to improve by playing online but not hate yourself, start with stuff like this:

  1. Learn your normals. Know what normal to use to interrupt pressure, to anti-air, and pokes for keeping people from walking in on you.
  2. Don’t let them jump-in on you. This ties in to learning your anti-air, normal and special.
  3. Learn about matchups before you get mad at a certain character. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong for getting frustrated by random Fuertes or Cammy in general, but there are things you can do to make it more manageable.
  4. Don’t jump-in. Just don’t do it. Unless you can react to and jump over a fireball (not against Guile), don’t. It CAN pay off, but not until you’ve had a ton of practice and a better idea of when to do it. Doing it randomly will just make you rely on it, which is easily punishable.

My brain stopped so I’ll let someone better than me fill in more or just link to another thread with some good responses already. If you’re near midwest U.S. to East Coast I can play with you, and also watch your replays when you play online. It becomes really obvious what you did wrong in hindsight.


To get better at Street Fighter, play more Street Fighter…
Also, watch your replays and analyze why you lost. Watching pros play the game also helps so that you know what good Street Fighter looks like.
Another thing that helped me is learning some basic frame data. It’s an easy way to know what is punishable and with what without actually having to test everything.


Read through the beginner fighting game primer that SRK recently released. Here is the link:

You should only be playing Arcade mode to unlock stuff. It is completely irrelevant to becoming a better player. As others have said just keep playing the game, you will notice improvements over time.


I bought the game during steam sale as well and a big mistake i made was doing ranked quick matches. You should be doing custom matches and change it to match you with players at same skill level. It will make the game more bearable as you can play some people that are not really good at the game already. Once i did that i started winning maybe 30-40% of the time. All i can tell you is the more practice the better. I also agree with what people are saying about the AI in the game. They really react to your move unhuman-ly if thats a word. Its hard to believe that someone would punish my whiffed normal with an ultra. Playing against real people is a much better experience in my opinion. Try to find a friend so you can grind out some games together too.


AI reads your inputs and reacts with the speed of a computer. As opposed to seeing your move, taking x amount of time to register the action and sending a signal to your hand to react to it. Also people dont normally punished a whiffed normal with an Ultra, but if you have a huge tell, people tend to pre-emptively send out an Ultra right when you would do that normal, and blow you up for it.


OP, do your dragon punches. Like, just practice those for 15 min a day. I always hated them during the arcade days and just never tried. I nerfed my abilities for a looong time until I just decided to own the input. Until you begin to do those with out thinking about it, just throwing them out automatically when you need to, you won’t grow as much as you could.


I think I really needed to hear this, to have it confirmed. I’m not OP but my game is alright except my anti-air, and it’s limiting me so much. I’ll go do reps of like 50 dps in training now :smiley: