SSF4 AEPC DLC Availability?

I’ve purchased AEPC via, but question would pertain to AEPC DLC being available today…I don’t see the DLC at GFWL…where can I find it?

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What DLC? That’s the full game.

I’m not sure if the costumes are available, I don’t have my PC copy yet.

Costumes don’t seem to be available, I had the alt costume pack from vanilla purchased on PC and they also do not seem to work on AE PC.

Yeah I’m talking about the alts. Capcom’s timeline is just retarded. AE Console Release > Wait > AE PC Release + AE Console Alt Release > Wait > What in God’s name is next? They should already know in a couple of days their precious money making alts will be hacked.

SFIV Costumes don’t transfer over.
But according to Sven’s supposed pricing list, even if they did Transfer over it’d be cheaper to buy the full package for $15 than to buy the costumes you didn’t already have from Vanilla.