SSF4 After Knock Down Help

Im having trouble figuring out how to exploit knocking people down, i use abel and when i know them down i wait till they get up and try a throw but i always miss and end up getting thrown, any tips would be helpful, sorry if this has been asked before.

u could mix it up a little, try rolling pass them as they stand up and use his command grab, or just normal grab. or throw a light punch or kick and link it to something else. or just do nothing because sometimes people just stand up and throw their ultra at u =T so mix it up, dont always try to grab them, because then it will become predictable.

I agree with the user above me.

You want to try and confuse them, not “do moves”

So rolling passed them immediately is a good idea to mix them up
maybe try rolling passed them, then rolling back
roll passed, jump over
focus attack dash into command grab
theres really a lot of things you can do to make the other guy think you want to do something else

just try to mind fuck your opponent, without taking stupid risk (not saying youre stupid lol)

There’s a couple of things you can do. Bait out a reversal, Stay just at mk -> dash range so they don’t reversal as much or the easiest one is to jump over them so their reversal whiffs after untechable knockdowns. Jumping is the safest option against most characters and it beats dashers as well if it crosses up.

Learn some blockstrings that you can throw from, best option as people are jump happy, if you start with a blockstring then command throw at any given time it’ll freak people out. It’s good though to learn the timings to command throw though. Record the dummy doing a C.LP or something spammable really quickly then set it on playback then practice sweeping then trying to command throw them continuously.

thnx for all the tips im going to try them out.

If you are using Abels Tornado Throw (NON EX) and getting beat by any throw on your opponets wakeup you are timing it wrong! TT is immune to throws. EX tornado throw is immmune to attacks. Go into training mode and record someone spaming regular throw. Set to play back and knock the dummy down. Now practice the timing so that as soon as he gets up he is getting thrown. Its a timing thing perfect it.

Roll past then jump over cross up is a great mix up with abel