SSF4 and $500 Madden 11 Tournaments - Buffalo Wild Wings in Torrance, CA - 9/11/10

We’re teaming up with to throw an SSF4 tourney at Buffalo Wild Wings Torrance Saturday the 11th of September.

Tournament Fee: $5
Venue Fee: $5
Casuals: From 12pm-4pm
Tournament Start Time: 4pm
Two lucky participants will gain free entry into UGTL 7 by random draw.

Please bring your own stick, tourney will be held on X360 consoles.

PrimeTimeGamers will also be hosting a $500 Madden 11 tournament on PS3 & X360 there as well.

Buffalo Wild Wings (Del Amo Fashion Center)
3525 West Carson Street
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 542-3400

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Hosted in conjunction with

it’s like a baskin robbins, but for wings

Or is Baskin Robbins like a Buffalo Wild Wings but for Ice Cream.

Any chance to play other games aside from Madden and SSF4? is going to be using quite a bit of the space for the madden tournament so more than likely you will not see any other tournaments going on, but I will look into maybe in the future having another tournament along side SSFIV.

Here is the Facebook event: LA Button Mashers Events | Facebook

Just to let you everyone know that LA Button Mashers is a part of the UGTL. We throw other gaming events under this name so if you ever see the name just know that it is the UGTL crew that is throwing the event. So in case you don’t know the set-ups that we run, you will be playing on the 360 and on EVO Asus monitors, so no lag. If anyone has any other questions, just send me a PM. I hope to see a lot of Torrance faces out at this event. Also so there is no confusion, the $500 pot is only for the madden tournament.

Should Be a Great event. See you guys there

The only problem is the wings won’t be as good as Bmarq’s actual cooking.

Yo I am so hyped for wings.

Looking at their website makes me hungry as hell.

have you been there before? it sounds obvious, but of all the flavors, i recommend the “wild” sauce. don’t make the mistake of trying to be different (hot bbq is good too).

Never been. Was going to try the Garlic Parmesian, but I’ll try Wild too.

If your advice is bad I will kill you though. Wings are serious business.

The wings are great.

is there a time limit to register for the ssf4 tourny? I gotta see my Ohio State smash Miami 1st, so Ill be walking in right at 4:00pm.

and the Garlic Parmesan wings are GOOOOD!

But the Salty Wings Im passing out are the best!!!

:clapdos: well said :clapdos:

I’ll be there fo’sho.